When it comes to property values, there’s a lot of aspects to consider to boost the value. While some of them are more obvious, some really aren’t as much. The trick is, you know the saying – the devil is in the details. So, the more you focus on those details, your property will gain more value. Because of that, in this article, we are going to explain how much you invest in the lawn can impact the property value, as well as the ways that you can tend to it effectively. 

Good Appearance Means Good Business

Buyers tend to be incredibly visual. What this means is that the first impression of your property is most likely to be based on the visual impact of the first tour. Basically, the house can have a much bigger value than what the potential buyer was able to see, like for instance great isolation, new plumbing, and similar. But the thing is – before the potential buyer is even able to get to know about those perks, they will already have generated the first impression. So, you can overlook that, or you can take that into your advantage. Nobody wants to see a badly maintained, overgrown lawn as soon as they get to the address of the property.

Benefiting the Environment 

Even though this wouldn’t be someone’s first guess when it comes to lawns, it surely is a big deal. Today, more than ever, people are taking eco-awareness very seriously. If you invest in your lawn by using less harmful products, you will have a green and healthy lawn to offer to your potential buyers without harming wildlife, pets, children, or your lawn. Not to mention the effect of evaporative components of strong, non-eco-friendly chemicals. 

The second important thing – weed control. The experts on lawn maintenance have also explained in this Sunday review about the benefits of using less invasive chemicals for weed control, because, in the long term, invasive chemicals only promote adaptation when it comes to weed growth. By using less invasive chemicals you promote the growth of strong, dense grass which will proceed to naturally choke out weeds.


As we have mentioned earlier, a good looking lawn means a good first impression. But also, it greatly impacts the perception of your credibility. How so? Well, since details are so easy to overlook, if you tend to them and make sure that something that most would overlook is polished – it’s much less likely that buyers are going to doubt your credibility. So, be sure not to overlook the details!

It Adds Different Possibilities 

Now it’s time to talk about a different aspect than the visual one. The way you maintain and intend to use the lawn is probably going to be different than the way your buyer is going to do so. That being said, sure, you can’t tend to everyone, but you need to leave the lawn in such a manner that there is a wide range of possibilities for your buyer to choose from when and if they want to modify the lawn. Here are some of the possible modifications that the buyer is going to implement to their lawn:


  • Gardening


Many people enjoy gardening greatly – and hence they are looking for an appropriate lawn to be able to do so. So, what are they looking for exactly? Well, fertile soil is the fist and the most important thing. We have already touched on this topic when we were talking about benefiting the environment, but the way that you maintain your lawn is what is going to make a great impact on how you will be able to utilize it later on.


  • Landscaping


Did you know that a good landscape design can add up to 12% of value to the property? Well, it’s definitely something to consider, but that being said – don’t overdo it. Sure, it’s a nice touch, and keeping it simple and clean is the best way to go. Why? The probability is high that the person who buys the property will have their own idea on how they want to design their landscape and allowing them to have enough clean slate to be able to do so will make it a lot easier for the buyer.

In the end, the possibilities when it comes to maintaining your property as well as decorating it are endless. Of course, everyone has different opinions on the topic, so if you are selling your property, the best way to go is clean, simple, and easy to build upon. That being said, as well as everything else in the article, don’t overlook the possibilities that enable you to make a good first impression. A little can really go a long way.