It’s no surprise that Italian food was rated as the most popular worldwide cuisine by CNN Travel. All those rich and creamy desserts, deep and tangy tomato sauces and all kinds of magical breads, dips and meats – what’s not to love?

You probably don’t need convincing to love Italian food any more than you already do, but just in case you want a reminder of why it’s so delicious, here are 6 reasons to love Italian food:

1. Carbs – A Love Story

Carbs have had such a bad reputation across the world as a fattening, stodgy addition to a meal that should be avoided. They are delicious of course, but can be seen as a ‘bad’ food type. Italians though, buck this trend and embrace carbs. Pasta in all its forms, pizza, various delicious bread types, sandwiches, rice, risotto – the list of heavenly Italian carb creations is endless. Carbs are well and truly embraced with this cuisine. 

2. The Red Sauce

Italians are famous for making a deep, rich, delicious red sauce that forms the base of many popular dishes. Cheese doesn’t even get a look in in some traditional pizza parlours as the red sauce and bread is baked for the perfect combination. You can also find this delicious sauce in aubergine dishes, pasta dishes and even in sandwiches. 

We really like this authentic Italian tomato sauce recipe to help you cook up your own Italian sauce at home. It’s fully translated too, so no need for audio translation or a subtitling service. 

3. All Of The Sliced Meats

Italians do love a good sliced meat, which is a bit of a dream for foodies who love a meat feast. Cured meats come in so many wonderful forms, from well known pancetta and salami, to many more to discover such as; coppa, a cold cut of pork shoulder, mortadella, a type of pork luncheon meat and bresaola, an air-dried salt beef. It’s a true Italian charcuterie dream. 

4. Dairy To Dream

Dairy in Italy, is just a magical journey for any foodie. Tiramisu, thick full fat butters for bread, gelato, ricotta, pecorino – it’s all to play for with dairy in Italy. If you make Youtube videos cooking with your favourite Italian dairy you might need to add a voiceover or subtitles, because the chances are all you’ll be able to say is mmmmmmmmmmmm. They really have mastered this delicious fatty delight. 

5. Dining For Three Hours Or More

Dinner is often eaten late, and it is often a three or four hour affair, with no particular order of dishes. Instead the delicious Italian wine flows, there are bowls of salad and breads, oils and vinegars. You may also have large sharing bowls of pasta too, which come out at different times to give you a chance to chat and try. 

Let’s not also forget those desserts we mentioned above, you have to wait long enough to have room for at least one! Rather than refined, regimented ordered eating as with some countries, it really is a social affair in Italy, making the cuisine as much a social experience as an eating experience. If you’re ever in Italy, try to go and experience parmesan cheese tours with informative guides through some of Italy’s best regions for food!

6. The Wine Is Nothing To Whine About

One of the best aspects of Italian wine is how much diversity there is in the selection on offer. There are 20 regions making wine, providing an incredible selection to choose from, some that are specific to a single town and grape type. Even better, the quality of wines is always improving and what is on offer changes all the time. Italian wine makers strive to try new things, and reach new levels of excellence. That’s an exciting prospect for wine lovers. 

“Tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino’” (It all ends with biscuits and wine)

Italian food and wine provide many of us with endless smiles and memorable tastes and textures. 

If you’re interested in true Italian food why not try out a new recipe or ingredient today? A great place to look is a genuine Italian recipe video with a professional voiceover recording. That way you’ll not only see a list of ingredients and directions, but you’ll understand the love and Italian flare that goes into the food to give it that extra special something.