Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve hit the course, but you’ve been thinking about it. Fall is knocking, and the weather is ripe, so why not? After all, golfing has many benefits to your health. You’ll be outdoors, which studies show is good for your mental health, and you’ll get exercise, which is good for your physical health. You’ll also get a chance to socialize outside of work, and the biggest reward in that is the guarantee of a good time. As you plan your excursion, here are some helpful tips to make your game the ultimate experience.

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Your Golf Gear

Most importantly is going to be your golfing gear.  While you may have a budget to adhere to, choosing the right Irons is imperative.  You may also want some other items to play your best game, from shoes to gloves.

The Course You Choose

As you know, not all courses are created equal. The architecture of some courses lack challenge and diversity in their terrain. You don’t want to golf in a pasture with a few sand traps. You also don’t want to be able to see the complete challenge before you begin. A good course should offer surprises.

You may find a private or semi-private course offers better amenities over a public or municipal course, but that doesn’t mean the course itself is better. If you’re wanting dining options, you may not find those at your public course. However, if you’re just there to golf, there are some very nice public courses.

Keep in mind, a public course will also be more crowded. If you aren’t familiar with your local courses, check reviews and the course website before committing.

Walk Instead of Ride

If walking is good enough for the PGA pros, it should be good enough for you. Besides, this is a great opportunity to get some beneficial exercise as well as catch up with your friends. If everyone is riding in a golf cart, you’re missing out on one of your main objectives for being there–to socialize. Finally, walking is also traditional to the game.  So find a lightweight bag and get walking!

However, if you require a club car ds electric due to physical restrictions, use one! Golf Cart Garage has keep your golf cart comfortable and in good working condition.

Most golf bags are bulky and meant to be toted in the golf cart, so be sure you have a good, lightweight bag made for walking. Ping golf bags for high school and college teams are great to use as well if you’re looking to buy a new golf bag.

Golf push carts are very handy, even moreso during the Coronavirus pandemic, to allow for social distancing.  Push carts have come a long way over the years, and you can read these 2020 reviews to find one that fits your needs.

What You Wear

Amazingly, clothing seems to evolve as quickly as technology. Clothes today are designed with specific activities in mind, and they incorporate breathability in the fabric and range of motion in how they are cut. Choosing the nice plaid shorts from your dresser and the polo you were gifted from work is not going to do anything for your game, especially when you feel them pinching and tightening as you turn to swing.

Choose mens golf clothes that were designed with the game in mind. Golf clothes don’t look much different than your regular clothes, but you’ll notice the difference in how they feel.

The Group You’re With

Probably the most important piece to having a good time is the group you invite to join you on the course. Are you going to invite the people you know will bring the most competition to the game? Or, are you going to invite people who you know are good company? You’re going to have to keep your group to four, so you can’t invite everyone.

Here’s an interesting fact. Golfers have better memories than athletes from other sports and that might be because the memory they build as they take different shots. Challenges are great, but this is your weekend, and this isn’t a tournament. If you’re going to be building memories, why not do it with the people who have the ability to make you smile.

The most important thing about your weekend trip to the golf course is that you have fun. Maybe you’ll even develop a passion for the sport, which wouldn’t be bad considering all the benefits it can provide.