Baseball is a sport that many kids play at some point in their life. It is a great way for kids to meet new friends, get out of their comfort zones, and learn how to develop a bond with a team to reach lofty goals.

Kids often choose to stay inside and play video games all day instead of being active outside with their friends. While baseball is a great way to get the kids moving more and creating new friendships, it became one of the most popular sports for kids to play for years due to its incredible benefits.

Baseball has many positive impacts on people who play it both mentally and physically. Baseball Eagle is a wonderful place to start for beginners who want to learn about the sport in detail.

Here are the top reasons to encourage your kids to join a local baseball team:

A great distraction from electronics

When kids spend all day using electronics and playing video games they could deal with a long list of negative effects such as developing a short attention span, increasing risk of obesity, and becoming aggressive.

Playing a sport such as baseball will make kids so excited about winning games with their friends and going to practice with them that they will lose interest in using electronics.

Teach them to respect authority

Youth baseball is a great place for kids to be surrounded by adults who will coach them and be an important part of their growing process. Kids will learn how to respect adults and listen to authority when they are asked to follow instructions. Whether this is a little league game where respect needs to be shown, or they’re having a session with a coach who is providing advanced hitting instruction, the ability to listen and respect those around them is something they can carry throughout the rest of their lives. It is an excellent lesson for kids to learn at an early age and understand that following the orders of high authority is important.

Become friends with different personalities

Surrounding your kids with a team that has many different personalities can improve their social skills, as well as learning how to become friends with people who don’t have many things in common.

Joining a baseball team can also help them to build a friendship that can last for years. Being on the field encourages them to improve their bonding skills and work on how to communicate with others.

Improves their health

Kids don’t always enjoy the idea of running and being active unless it involves playing or having fun. In baseball there are a lot of movements that can benefit a child’s health.

The strength they need to swing a bat, throwing a ball, and running extremely fast requires endurance. Baseball can help them get their heart rate up and strengthen their muscles. 

Learn how to coordinate

Being good at playing baseball will improve your kid’s ability to coordinate hand-eye movements. Developing coordination skills will not only make them successful at playing baseball but it will also benefit them in the future.

Baseball is a great source to build talented skills that will stay with them while growing.