In the past years, people have seen a significant change in consuming protein worldwide, which is especially true regarding protein powders. Now that most consumers are aware of the impacts of some industries to global warming, consumers have become careful in choosing what they eat. The plant-based diet has become the top choice as it is proven beneficial to human health as well as the environment. 

Studies found that animal-based protein powder is not the only good source of protein. It has been found that vegan protein powder has the same protein content and contains many nutritional benefits compared to its counterpart.  

Plant-based protein powder is easier to absorb 

Our body breaks down, processes, and digest vegetables easily, hence, plant-based protein powder is easier to absorb than whey protein powder. This makes vegetable protein to be better at repairing muscle tissue and cell growth. If you are experiencing bloating, food intolerance, slow metabolism, and IBS, you should turn to vegetable protein. Consider something like the proplant complete shake deal if you are looking to start a plant-based protein regimen.

Most plant-based protein powder sources are rich in iron. 

A serving of pea protein powder provides 35 percent of daily required iron. On the other hand, whey protein powder at the same serving size has none. It means that you need to consume more animal-based protein powder to get the same amount of iron, allowing you to consume more additives that come with whey protein powder, which can be dangerous to your health. 

Vegetable protein powder keeps you fuller longer. 

Most vegetable protein powders contain tons of fiber. Fiber helps you to keep fuller for a longer time. Many of these protein powders can be used as a food substitute for their satiating nature, making it the best option if you want to lose weight. If you are full, you will not easily give in to your cravings because of low sugar levels. Moreover, plant-based protein has soluble and insoluble fiber that can keep your digestive system healthy. 

Plant-based protein powder is packed with healthy fats.

Many plant-based protein powders carry essential micronutrients. Healthy fats are one of these micronutrients, which aids in the absorption of essential vitamins and more other functions.  

Healthy saturated fats in vegetable-based protein regulate weight and appetite, control sugar and hormone levels, and help digestion. Furthermore, it has a unique gut profile with fewer disease-causing organisms and gut irritants than whey protein. Plant-based protein can keep you from gut inflammation while creating a healthy microbiome in your gut. 

Vegetable protein powder boosts metabolism 

Faster metabolism is another benefit that you can get from taking plant-based protein powder. Protein from plants takes longer to digest than animal products, carbohydrates, and fats due to its high fiber content. Metabolizing plant protein can make your body better when it comes to burning fat and metabolizing your food. 

Plant-based protein powders alkalize 

Vegan protein powder can alkalize your body by keeping its natural pH level in check. Animal products such as food and protein powders are highly acidic, destroying your body’s pH levels. Vegan protein powder and other plant-based food is the best way to regulate our pH levels and keep our body’s alkaline in check. 

These are just some of the surprising benefits of plant-based protein powders. These protein powders don’t only offer complete protein; it is also packed with essential nutrients that can’t be found in animal-based protein powders.