Summer heatwaves mean big crowds at the beach. Keep cool at home with a few updates that are fun for the whole family. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, the backyard oasis of your dreams is easier to create than you think.

Lounge Poolside, No Hotel Necessary

Pools provide a cool spot to relax and hours of entertainment for kids. For an affordable way to upgrade your backyard without breaking the bank, consider an aboveground pool. Setting one up may require the help of a professional, so check for Pittsburgh pool installers in your area. Add a couple of beach chairs and pool floats, and you’ll be vacationing in no time — bonus points for tiny umbrellas in your margaritas. Even a small kiddie pool will give you a spot to dip your toes and up your summer ambiance.

Create Your Own Water Park

While you may not be able to build an industrial-scale waterslide, there are plenty of options for remaking the water park experience at home. Buckets, sprinklers and hoses can be put to endless uses; your only limit is your imagination. Consider putting together DIY water games for the kids to cool off. No need to get fancy — squirt guns and water balloons are all you need to get started.

Getting wet in the summer is a great way to get the kids engaged while staying cool. These activities are perfect for kids and adults alike. Get some swimsuits, put on the sunscreen and enjoy the adventure.

Update Your Landscaping and Decor

Adding a water feature, like a fountain or pond, can cool things down and create a relaxing space at the same time. For a quicker fix, try a colorful patio umbrella to add shade and refresh your look. Gazebos or pergolas can also enhance the beauty of your backyard while providing cooler space out of the sun.

If you want to get fancy, consider getting some misters to keep guests cool while you lounge. These mist cooling systems are the perfect thing to cool down everyone without getting wet. They are perfect for patios, porch swings and other comfortable outdoor settings.

Keeping cool and enjoying summer fun doesn’t have to require leaving home. With a few upgrades, your backyard can be a destination all its own. Take a look outside and determine what you can do to improve your outdoor experience in the heat.