Sleeping with your pet comes with a host of benefits – you feel an increased sense of security, comfort, and companionship through the night. Despite this, figuring out how both you and your pet can sleep better is important. This is especially true if you find your sleep cycles being interrupted by your little pup’s nighttime dreams or any other factors. 

From finding a dog bed that your canine companion can rest easy in, to investing in the best mattress you can for your own, uninterrupted sleep, there are plenty of ways to optimize your sleep routine with a pet. 

Here’s everything you need to know about fighting off any trouble sleeping you might experience with having your pet be your sleeping buddy: 

Finding The Best Dog Bed For Your Pup’s Rest

If you don’t want to share your own bed with your dog for personal health reasons or otherwise, it’s never a good feeling turning down that cuddly face. Finding a dog bed your precious pup can actually look forward to spending time can be a great way to train them off your own bed without feeling too much guilt.

Memory foam dog beds tend to rank just as highly as their human versions. That’s because these dog beds are engineered to support your puppy’s body, ensuring they get the restorative sleep they require through the night to be up and at it the next day. 

The best dog beds for your pet should also be engineered with ease of maintenance in mind. Look out for dog beds that have removable and washable covers, so you’re not in the position of having to replace one just months after your purchase. 

Co-Sleeping With Your Pet

If you do decide to share your bed with your pet, there are still ways you can ensure you’ll be able to sleep better than you have been previously. The best mattress for pet owners who want to sleep better include some important criteria. Like the best dog beds, they should be engineered for ease of clean – this is especially important when it comes to memory foam mattresses, which can be a little more challenging to clean. 

The reason memory foam tends to be the best mattress possible for pet owners is also because of their motion isolating capabilities. If you have a cat who likes to shift positions through the night, this can disturb the quality of your sleep, especially if you’re a light sleeper. The best mattresses will also be hypoallergenic, which will be especially useful in preventing too much fur or dander from your pets getting trapped between the layers of your bed. 

Create A Nighttime Routine For Both Your Pet And You

In the same way people do, animals respond well to structure and routine. Creating a nighttime schedule for you and your pet will allow you both to prime yourselves appropriately for great sleep. 

For your pet, this means creating a positive association with their bed or crate. Adding a treat onto your pup’s dog bed or crate will allow them to form a positive relationship with the object, rather than viewing it as something they’re forced to go to around the nighttime. Adding articles of clothing onto your dog bed can also help them feel more comfortable with scent and comfort in the night. 

Having a nighttime routine can be equally important for you to be able to sleep better. This can involve multiple precautionary steps, including staying away from the blue light present in your phones a few hours before you know you’re going to sleep, cutting out caffeine from your diet, and ensuring you’re feeling calm and relaxed as you go to bed. 

Finding The Time For Exercise 

Finally, if you are looking to sleep better, one way to ensure both you and your pet are getting the right amount of hours each night is to make sure both of you are tuckered out come nighttime. 

Getting the right amount of exercise can help both you and your pet burn off excess energy and fall into a deeper sleep when the time is right. Exercising alongside your pet by taking them out on a run or playing a game of fetch can also improve and strengthen the bonding you might be missing out when sharing the same bed. 

Figuring out how to sleep better with your pet is well worth doing. Resting well can mean both you and your pet are your healthiest, balanced selves, and there’s no reason you can’t work through a little initial trouble sleeping. With the top rated mattress for your own rest, the right training tricks for bedtime, and a healthy night-time routine that works for both of you, you’ll be able to sleep better easier than ever before.