As a busy woman, whether it is because you are having to take care of the household, your job or yourself, I’ve gathered quick and fun influencers to follow to inspire yourself to lead a healthy life. It’s important we take care of ourselves in order to not only be able to take care of others but be happy and healthy inside and out. As a side note, and an important one at that – if you are thinking of becoming a mom or family influencer yourself to make extra revenue on the side, learn more about influencer marketing and sponsorships through our talent agency here.

Below is a list of top 3 healthy lifestyle influencers to follow on Instagram –

Kayla Itsiness 

This mom not only has an incredible workout application – that you can use while on the go, whether staying with your in-laws for the holidays or on a short weekend getaway – but amazing meal ideas. She provides a complete transformation guide to your lifestyle – from working out routines to healthy meals to prepare. You can see several yummy ideas on her Instagram page coupled with recipes in the captions.  She is full of energy, and I love the happy before and after shots of real women using her application to transform their lives and be the best version of themselves. Kayla has her own widely popular application that she has toured the world with to change the lives of women all over the world from Australia to the United States. Her story is quite inspirational and her hard work is contagious. You can follow her @kayla_itsines on Instagram. 

Caroline Daur 

This fun fashionista turned into fitness inspiration is so inspirational because she did it all on her own! Caro Daur, for short, now has her own YouTube channel with several workout videos from legs to full body workouts. They are especially great because of their short length – from 7 minutes to 25 minute workouts. Here is one of my favorite ab workouts of hers and it’s only 7 minutes! You can do them at home while with your children at your side or even do them at a gym when you have an hour to yourself and bring your phone to remind you of the steps. Caro is very energetic so the workouts run their course in no time! (You can follow her @carodaur on Instagram!

Kirsty Godso

Here is one of my favorite influencers and workout gurus, yes she is a master trainer with Nike! Kirsty has amazing quick and easy workouts on her Instagram accounts and you can also get a hold of her workouts on YouTube by just YouTubing her name and seeing an array of videos on the search results to choose from! I love her videos on YouTube because they are so short and address many parts of your body so you are never stuck working on the same body parts over and over again. Here is one of my favorite workout videos if you really want to sweat it! 😉  Her variety of workouts also allows you to vary and not get bored with your workouts. Kirsty is also very energetic and enthusiastic, I think she is from New Zealand, so her zestful energy is certainly contagious!