If you are a beginner to working out, including stretching exercises is a must. As you stretch on a regular basis, you will be able to improve flexibility. With flexibility work, you will be able to enjoy a well-rounded fitness routine. Being flexible is just as important as working on cardio and strength. Even if you are a beginner to working out, you can add in exercises and movements to improve flexibility that will be of benefit. Check out a few examples below of what you can do to teach your body to be more flexible. 

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Your hamstrings can easily become tight and need stretching when you are working out on a regular basis. With a standing hamstring stretch, you can help this muscle gain flexibility and learn how to fix a tight your hamstring. Stand tall and place your feet hip width apart. Slightly bend your knees and keep your arms at your sides. Bend forward and over and try to wrap your arms around the backs of your legs. Keep doing this stretch each time you workout to flex your large hamstring muscles. 

Figure Four Stretch

If you are doing yoga or other exercises where you need your hips to be flexible, the figure four stretch should be implemented. With this stretch, you will lie on your back and your feet will be flat on the floor. Cross the left foot over the right quad. Lift the right leg off the floor and grab the back of it and pull toward your chest. Hold the stretch as long as you can. Switch sides and repeat. 

Butterfly Stretch

Another great option to help with flexibility is the butterfly stretch. Sit on the floor with your feet pressed together at the soles. Your knees will be bent at your sides. Hold at your feet or ankles and press knees towards the floor as you bend forward towards your feet. This stretch should be held and continued on a regular basis. 

Continued Walking/Running

To keep your full leg muscles in motion, walking and running are key. No matter your age or skill level, you can walk or run to help stay in good shape. Walking is a wonderful exercise for seniors as it helps the leg muscles to stay active. By having state of the art home gym equipment by FitnessExpoStores.com, anyone can create a cardio workout that keeps muscles active. If you are new to working out, start with walking and work your way up to running is possible. 


Another great option for flexibility is yoga. Even if you have never worked out before, you can complete a yoga program that will help you to keep muscles flexible and in good shape. Start out by watching YouTube videos and trying a few moves. You can then work up to taking a class with others to build stamina and flexibility. 


With this exercise regimen, you will use simple movements to flex the muscles of the body. This type of workout is great for everyone but recommended for seniors who need to stay healthy and mobile. Pilates uses the core muscles of the body and helps to maintain balance, flexibility, promotes muscle growth and overall good health.  You can work in a resistance band arm workout so that you are stretching and strength.

Give any of these exercises a try to improve flexibility. Staying flexible will help you to workout how you like as well as stay in shape as you age.