Dropbox launched and developed a syncing service provider and cloud storage for people to use. It has a lot to offer, and one of these is that you can sync desktop files or folders so that you can access it anywhere. Dropbox is an excellent option if you go for online storage services.

The application can be downloaded for free to your devices, but there is a storage limit if you don’t pay for their subscription fee. The free account allows users to use 2 Gigabytes of the dropbox storage. If you want to know more about Dropbox, then in this article we will dwell more on the history, how to acquire it, what it offers, subscription fees, and more.

What Dropbox Offers To Users

If you do not have enough storage on your devices and need essential files to be stored, the Dropbox mobile can help you with that because it is cloud storage with a lot of features you can use. Dropbox has a lot to offer to people if they access or reach out for their services. You can easily upload essential files, photos, and more on their cloud storage. 

You can access your file whenever you want since you can open the Dropbox application on your phone. It is outstanding in some ways since you do not have to carry hard drives, USB, and other storage providers that need another device for you to read or view. You can have two choices when it comes to using Dropbox services.

Dropbox’s basics of free services are open to everyone but only get a limited amount of storage and other cool options to enjoy. If you opt for bigger storages, then you can upgrade and subscribe to their pro plus account. It can bring lots of features and options for people to enjoy and rely on them with their essential files.

Dropbox’s AES Security Encryption

Dropbox utilizes the AES security encryption in terms of sharing files, ensuring the data are secure. The most important aspect that people look at is the security of their documents or files whenever they use cloud storage services. Dropbox has a developed and enhanced security service for users to not worry about their file’s safety. 

If you wish to extend your storage space, Dropbox gave users the choice to use the free storage or add more space up to sixteen to one hundred Gigabytes if you pay for their subscription charges. Accessibility of the files is good that you can view it whenever and wherever you are—a very efficient and hassle-free way to store data.

How to Acquire and Install Dropbox

Having storage is so much helpful to your business or work. You can download or install this cloud storage provider on the Apple App Store or the Google Play on Android’s platform. It is free to download on any of your devices. You can utilize it on your smartphones, iPads, or tablets. Dropbox allows you to have 2 GB of storage space for free. After the download, you can use it as you wish.

A user can download by only going to the application store on Android and Apple platforms. From this, you can type on “Dropbox” on the space provided for searches. Once it shows you the Dropbox application you click on the “download” button, the downloading time depends on your internet connection. 

Now that you have Dropbox downloaded, you will now be able to store files. If you want to transfer a file from one device to another, you can use the Desktop app feature for convenient use. You will need to sign up in the Dropbox application, inputting the same account you are using on other devices. 

Another way you can transfer files is to move it manually. You save your files to a USB or hard drive from the initially stored device. Use the other computer and insert your external hard drive or USBs, then drag the files. You will be the only one who can access your cloud storage account, or if you want to share, people with authentication can only gain access to the files.


Significantly, developers have come up with an idea of creating online cloud storage. Dropbox enables people to utilize them for convenience and easy access. Before this was launched and introduced, people went for storage devices like massive hard drives or several compact USBs to save their files. Now that you can store your files on the cloud, it has become easier.

This article presented you with some of the features Dropbox can offer you. You will not have a hard time turning on a computer to view the files you have stored on your USB and Hard drives. Open the Application available for devices, and from there, you can easily access your important files. Dropbox is an excellent way to make your work or school life convenient.