Decluttering your home often seems like an endless task. The best way to do it is to take it room by room and complete one project before you start another. The attic can be a very valuable space in the house, but many people just use it to store old junk. Maybe it’s time you had a clearout, did some repairs, and thought about how you can really use this space.

Here are some tips for decluttering your attic this summer. 

Safety first

Before you go climbing into the dark, be careful as it might be a little bit treacherous up there. There are several potentials hazards in the attic. These can include wasps nests, or other pests, loose floorboards, and a lot of dust. Wear a mask and gloves if necessary.

Make sure your ladder is steady and secure. It’s also a good idea to work in pairs at least, in case of a fall. Be on the lookout for evidence of any infestations, you’ll be able to tell what is from any droppings. You don’t want to be shocked by any unexpected visitors.


Summer is an ideal time of year to do these daily decluttering projects. The attic is an easy place to stash away things like old report cards and clothes for next season. You need to think about whether you’re really going to use any of this stuff again. If you want to keep a few things but also repurpose your attic space, you could consider renting out self storage

As with any clearout, you need to try to categorize all items into keep, toss, and donation piles. If you find any hidden treasures you could even try to sell them online. Anything in good condition could also be donated to a local charity. If you’re feeling frugal, old furniture could even be upcycled and revamped into something beautiful. 

Plug any leaks

Now that you’ve cleared some space why not get down to a bit of roof maintenance? Check for any leaks and have them all patched up. Have a roof inspector look for anything else that needs repairing or replaced. Make sure your roof is well insulated. Your home could lose 25% of heat through the roof if not. Proper roof maintenance could potentially save you on your gas bill.  

Repurpose the space

After a proper roof sprucing, you’ll be finally ready to repurpose the space. If you’re still planning on using your attic as storage you could think about installing a tension rod to hang things or getting some transparent bins. If you’re creative enough, there are plenty of ways to add storage to an attic. 

Perhaps you’re considering a renovation or adding an extra bedroom to your house. An attic is a great space with a lot of potentials. You could turn it into a game room or a home office. If you have space, why not make the most out of it? It can even add value to your home.