Located just a few miles away from Myrtle Beach, Conway has set itself up to become a popular tourist destination. It happens to be one of the oldest towns in South Carolina going as far back as when the early English colonists first arrived. Back then it was only a village called ‘Kings Town’. 

Conway is a historic gem with oak-tree lined streets that run through this picturesque district, inviting visitors not only to pass by but to experience the beauty and culture of the city. Judging by the available homes for sale in Conway SC, the real estate business is booming. This is because more and more people are taking a liking to the lush green ambiance. 

Whether you plan to live in or visit Conway, here are a few things you just have to try when you come by:

Theatre of the Republic

The Theater of the Republic is a hotspot for both tourists and locals alike. Those who are drawn to art, literature, drama, or plays will find a home at the theatre. Many renowned plays and dramas in the USA are staged there. 

The Theatre of the Republic sets are full of extravagance, designed to immerse viewers deep into the storyline. The architectural design of the facility is top notch and seats have been well maintained over the years. Families and friends looking for something cultural to engage themselves in the evening should really consider the Theatre of the Republic. 

The Carolina Marketplace Antique Mall

Shopping enthusiasts will simply love The Carolina Marketplace Antique Mall. There is a wide variety of affordable high-quality items for shoppers to choose what they’d desire to own most.. They also have good customer service. All the staff members are professionally trained in their jobs and are extremely helpful, giving their customers 100% dedication and great service. 

The Conway Riverwalk

The Conway Riverwalk is a relaxed and calm part of the city. It is a tranquil path that borders the Waccamaw River. You’ll be surprised by just how therapeutic a short stroll by the river might turn out to be. 

For many, the beauty of the river and its lush green surroundings is quite an enchanting experience to take in. You can plan to have a picnic at the Riverwalk with the family. The kids will have a grand time playing on the swings that are on either side of the walk. There are also benches and grassy areas along the way if you want to have some peaceful time to yourself as you enjoy the view of the river.

L.W. Paul Living History Farm

One of the most attractive tourist spots in Conway is the L.W. Paul Living History Farm located near Myrtle Beach. The center is working to educate future generations about the history of Horry County and the people who’ve lived there. 

History lovers will get to witness the different types of farming techniques that were implemented long ago and marvel at the equipment that the locals once used. There are also guided tours that run along the length and breadth of the farm.  

Mt. Atlanticus

The Mt. Atlanticus mini golf is conveniently situated against a tiki-themed backdrop and is one of the popular mini-golf courses in Conway. The ambiance is lovely and the course is a hotspot for both young and old visitors looking to experience a little sporty fun away from the beach. 

The golf course is open all year round and is a top destination for golfing enthusiasts. You have different courses to choose from and it can be a great afternoon workout for a group of friends. 

Witch Golf Club

Another popular tourist attraction is the Witch Golf Club; one of the premier courses in South Carolina. It is a bit pricey but it promises you an experience, you’ll value for a lifetime. 

The layout of the course is exceptionally breathtaking with the landscape view designed to wow any golf-lover. There are no changes in elevation on this particular course so the grasses are evergreen and the course is always well maintained.  

Thompson Farm and Nursery

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Thompson Farm and Nursery should be on the top of your considerations. Take off your digital-age goggles and get ready to be time travel to the simplicity of a village-like ambiance. 

You can choose to go on a guided tour of the farm and witness how farm life was a century or two ago in action. Groups of friends and families can also organize picnics at the Thompson Farm and Nursery. 

Waccamaw River Tours

If you are visiting Conway, you can witness the scenic beauty of the Waccamaw River on a guided tour. A panoramic view of the Waccamaw River and the historic waterfronts from a luxurious boat or yacht is an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

Besides the views, you can also enjoy the natural wildlife along your tour on the river course. One of the most conspicuous animals on the course is the American Alligator. 

Chapin Art Museum

The Chapin Art Museum is located near Myrtle beach and is a major tourist attraction. The museum boasts incredible artworks from both locals and renowned artists alike. Beautiful paintings adorn the museum display areas, thus creating an ethereal experience to an observant eye. 

Different food exhibitions are displayed to showcase the culinary talent that Conway has to offer. Spending a day at the Chapin Art Museum will open your eyes to the wonder of Conway’s artistic evolution and surely inspire the artist in you. 

In Conclusion

All in all, Conway is a beautiful town with diverse cultures and ethnicities represented. Tourists steam in and out of Conway year round and it is a popular tourist destination. 

If your aim of visiting Conway is to have an enjoyable time, you can engage yourself in the several outdoor activities highlighted above. There are plenty of desirable amenities as well as available homes for sale in Conway, SC, should you decide that you want to make your visit permanent.