Yoga classes. Learning guitar. Teaching chess. Managing finances. Working on MS Excel. 

What is common for all of them?

All these are viable profitable business ideas. All of them have proven to work. 

I know TONS of people getting paid doing these things on the side, or even full-time. I am sure even you do. There are people in our network who are doing it already. (Maybe your mom’s sister’s son?) 

One of my aunts runs yoga classes full-time. Another friend teaches physics to students. And another one does event management for colleges.

The best part? All these ideas are based on the existing skills which people are born with. 

So, how can you do that? How can you monetize your existing skills? In fact, how do you even find your existing skills first? 

Today, I’ll show you a simple technique which shows how to find ideas on your existing skills. 

Let me give more bold claims — 

  • Implementing this technique won’t take more than 15 minutes (Yes, you read that right)
  • You don’t need a fancy software or excel table. Just a pen and paper will do
  • It’ll be more fun if you get a cup of tea or coffee for this (trust me this is going to be fun)

You ready? 

Pen and paper? 

Cup of coffee?

Alright, let’s begin!

The YUS Technique to find 10 profitable business ideas

I want you to answer these questions, each, one at a time.

  • What are some skills you have developed? 

Maybe you are amazing at creating powerpoint presentations. Or you do a good job taking care of children. Or you take better photos, and your friends actually compliment you all the time — “Hey Zubin, you really take some nice pictures!”

Or you are really good at dancing. Or you are talented in managing people. Or maybe you learnt and got good at cooking, thanks to Mr.Corona?

Which are some skills you are good at? 

Write all of them down. Do not censor yourself. Do not be like “Ohh yeah, I’m good at photography, but why will anyone pay me? I’m not an expert!”

At this point, DO NOT start criticizing yourself. We will take care of all those objections later. 

Right now, we are only in the brainstorming stage. We are only listing ALL the possible ideas which come to our mind. Rest stuff, we will get to it later, so don’t worry.

So, list down all your skills which you think are possible, and list it down.

  • What are some challenges you have faced and overcame?

Again, there can be so many things here. Maybe you were bad with children and now you are exceptional in handling and playing with kids. 

Or you had severe foot ache, and you now know what to do to reduce foot pains. Or you were that skinny looking guy, and now you have got a decent muscular shaped body.

There are just so many ideas here which you can note down. 

Remember, all of these can be a path to a viable profitable business. I’ll show you how.

Let’s move to our next question

  • What are the achievements in your life you have been awarded for?

Did you get a promotion in your job? Or maybe you had got an impressive MBA or 10th examination score? Or you won a certificate in some competition? 

There are so many achievements in your life which we never realize, but when you actually sit down and note it, you realize you have innumerable things to be proud of.

Yes, you can pat yourself on the back.

Alright, next and our final question.

  • What are some experiences you have gained?

All of us have experiences which are unique to us. 

Nobody else has lived our life, so one of the best parts about this question is that your experiences are just unique and truly special to each of us.

So, what are some special experiences you have had?

Did you go travel to an amazing place, and created a personalized itinerary for you and your partner? Or you visited many places which were distinct?

Are you able to optimize your finances every month? Or you experienced the journey from quitting your job to starting a business?

Again, your experiences are different (and I bet amazing) to you, so pen down everything you can think of.


The YUS technique is super useful in allowing you to come up with at least 10 business online ideas within 15 minutes. I call it the YUS technique because these are Your Unbeatable Superpowers. Your inner skills. Your monetizable skills.

So, grab a pen and a paper. Go through the YUS technique.

Thank me later!