1. A photo of yourself

Make sure that your website and social media profiles have a photo of yourself, somewhere.  I personally hate having my photo taken, and I hate taking selfies, but I make sure that I get my photo on my blog and social media.  Then, my friends and family recognize me and my readers know, hey, that’s a real mom writing for her blog!

I personally find it hard to connect to a blog or website when there isn’t a face associated with it.  Now, you might have a really great logo or design, and that’s great!  But still make sure that you have an “about” section with your picture.  I have clicked to read about a blog, and it will say something generic about the blog and there is no photo, which will sometimes make me think that it is a business site and not a mom blogger.

Make sure your profile images are correctly sized.  You can easily check for the right size online or by editing on websites like PicMonkey.com, which will give you the proper layout size for your image.

You may want to consider using the same profile image across all of your networks.

You do NOT want a profile that has a blank profile image or avatar!  It makes it look like the profile is incomplete or inactive.  Seeing this will not draw people to your blog or social media pages.

2. Write about yourself – with key words!

Write a little about yourself – people want to know!  Here’s where you can talk about your life, your blog’s purpose, and what makes you unique!  On your blog, you can elaborate on an “About Me” page.  I have been to blogs where there is no About Me section, or it doesn’t mention a person or picture, and I personally like to put a face to a name/blog.

On social media accounts, use hashtags.  Take for instance Twitter – if I want to connect with mom bloggers or food bloggers, a good way to find those accounts is clicking on the hashtags in their blogs, like #momblogger, #lifestyleblogger, #travelblogger, #beautyblogger, #foodblogger, etc.  You can even get more specific, like #allergymom or #UKblogger.

3. Contact information

Always have your contact information in your social media profiles.  This means email and website!  It is also a good idea to make sure your social media links are always easy to find, too.


Let me know if you have any questions!

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