Most homeowners need to consider replacing the shingles on their house or garage at least one or two times while they are living in their home. The options available for shingles have expanded in recent years, and, regardless of the region, something suitable can be installed by a reputable roofer that will last for decades.

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1. Asphalt

A traditional material for roofing shingles, asphalt is still one of the most popular options available. There are different types of asphalt shingles that have different levels of durability. They typically last for about 20 years before they need replacing and can be installed by professionals like Integrity Roofing.

2. Solar

People are becoming more concerned about the environment, and solar power has many benefits. It saves money on electricity bills and cuts down on fossil fuel usage. A fantastic option for roofs that are exposed to a lot of sunshine, solar tiles will help generate electricity for the house. They can be costly, so, to offset the amount spent, they can be mixed with other types of shingles.

3. Stone-Coated Steel

A stone-coated steel interlocking shingle is very durable and can withstand hard weather conditions. They can last for 50-70 years and are a good investment for people looking to live in their homes for decades to come. They do not have to look like metal and can be made to look like other types of shingles for a more aesthetic appearance.

4. Metal

Metal roofing materials can also last for a long time, about 50 years. They are incredibly durable and can be manufactured to resemble more traditional looking shingles. Anyone living in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions like heavy snowfall or wildfires may want to consider a metal roof. They can corrode over time and be loud during rainstorms.

5. Slate

Another very long-lasting roofing material is slate, which can last for a century or more. Like the metal and steel shingles, it is durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. However, it is brittle and can snap if exposed to hail or walked on.

It is important to carefully consider all the available options when putting on a new roof, as it is an investment in the house. Shingles that are inappropriate for the surrounding weather conditions will probably not hold up as well as the materials that were designed specifically for that climate. Research the options and then speak with an experienced roofer to make an informed decision.