When we drink or use water, we want to know what we are ingesting and cleaning ourselves and our families with is safe. Most water supplies are safe as they are treated in plants but as the water travels to your home, it can pick up particles on the way. It is these particles that can make your water taste off, or in severe cases can damage your family’s health. 

With so many different options on the market, how do you go about choosing the right water filter system for your home? Here are the top things to consider before you make a purchase.

Water Bottles

Is Your Water Safe To Drink?

We would all like to think that the water that we pay for that comes into our homes is safe to drink, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. If you are privileged enough to live in an area where your water is safe but it picks up a taste that you don’t like, then why not look at water pitcher filter?

You can buy them in an array of sizes to make sure that they fit in your fridge. If your water doesn’t sit at a neutral pH, you can purchase jugs that will adjust this to make sure you are getting clean, safe water. The filters are changeable and easily accessible from the manufacturer, so you can always be sure that you have clean water you can grab on the go. 

Does Your Water Supply Have Lead In It?

Human bodies and lead don’t get on, with prolonged exposure to lead, it can cause an array of issues in both children and adults. If you think that your water supply has led in it, you should look to purchase a reverse osmosis system. These aren’t practical for whole homes, but you can have them fitted at the point where the water enters the home for drinking purposes.

They are highly effective at removing led and the maintenance they require is very low. They use a tightly packed membrane to filter out unwanted particles that are then flushed down the drain. As aforementioned, these systems aren’t designed for entire houses, but they will ensure that you can get clean water safely to drink at a moment notice. 

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Are You Limited On Space? Under The Sink Filter Systems Could Be Your Answer

If you are limited on space but want to be able to access safe, clean drinking water then an under sink water filter will provide you with a space saving solution. Under the sink filters come in an array of specifications. You can purchase compact reverse osmosis systems that require very little maintenance, but they do need a tank to hold the clean water in. Or you could look at a carbon filtration system. These are smaller, more compact alternatives and often don’t require a tank to hold the water. They use activated charcoal to clean the water and move particles to keep your water fresh and clean. 

Do You Want A Whole House System?

If you are concerned about how safe your water is regardless of how you use it, a whole house system is always an option. You will need a large space in order to make this work as they are often so big they will take up a garage. Reverse osmosis systems can be scaled up for whole house treatment and the water is treated at the point of entry rather than at the taps. 

This is an exceptionally expensive option, as you will need a large tank where the purified water can be stored to make sure that it can always be accessed. If the tank is empty, you will have to wait for the system to purify more water before you can use any taps, so if you have a large family and a large house, this may not be practical. 

Do You Live In A Hard Water Area?

If you live in a hard water area and you are getting fed up with lime scale breaking your kettles and having chalky water to drink, you could look to install a faucet filter. These give you much more scope than a filter pitcher as you no longer have to remember to fill it up and stick it in the fridge.

The faucet filters are also better at filtering out smaller particles and bacteria, so you can be sure that your family will always have access to safe drinking water, without the fear of it running out. They are easy to install, you simply snap them on to your faucet, even better, they will fit to most of them, so no need to make costly changes. And if you are used to drinking bottled water, they can save you thousands of dollars per year. 

Final Thoughts

When you are considering installing a water filtration system into your home, one of the first considerations you need to make is whether or not your water is safe as this will dictate how you act next. If you water has traces of lead in it, then you will want to get a reverse osmosis or carbon filter system to remove the dangerous particles from your drinking supply.


The most common size for these systems is the under-sink option. These options make sure that you always have access to safe, clean water and stop the need of buying bottled water, saving you money in the long run. If you have a large family and a large home, it may not be practical to consider a whole house system, but you can purchase these at a high cost. You will need a large amount of vacant space to make sure that the tank will fit. If you don’t want any type of system in your home, a faucet filter is an excellent choice for all houses. They are inexpensive and give you instant access to clean, safe drinking water without having the additional burden of a costly installation fee.