Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many cities across America are canceling their Independence Day celebrations. While this feels like a let-down, there are still many ways to celebrate this day of honoring our country.

Instead, you can host a small Independence Day gathering and make it memorable with some creative patriotic decorating ideas. There is nothing more patriotic than getting your family and friends together and playing some games, all while celebrating the love for our America.

The only problem is knowing how to set up your house perfectly in honor of America, what are the best patriotic ideas to make your home seem perfectly festive for Independence Day?

Thankfully, we’ve created this article to answer those questions. Keep on reading to learn the best patriotic decoration ideas in order to set up your house right for the occasion.

Let’s get started!

  1. Bring Out the Bunting

There is nothing more patriotic than having the colors of the American flag around your yard to celebrate Independence Day. Take some red, white, and blue bunting fabric and loop it loosely along the top of the fence in your yard. Bonus points if your fence is white, as it will make the colors pop out much more.

This is a perfect idea if you do not have an aluminum flagpole kit. However, you cannot get more patriotic than having a real American flag. 

  1. Pallet Decor

If you are into the fun of DIY arts and crafts, you will love the idea of American flag pallet decor! Simply paint each stripe of the pallet in the color of the American flag, and draw in little stars to complete the flag.

You do not need to be an artist in order to do this right, you will be amazed by how well your art skills turn out with this simple design!

  1. Painted Flower Pots

You do not even need the excuse of Independence day in order to paint your flowerpots red, white, and blue, as you can convert your flower pots into beautiful and patriotic colors that will shine bright all year long! 

Simply take some paint and color a white stripe along the bottom of the pot, followed by a red stripe, repeat a couple of times, then add a blue stripe with white stars in it at the top!

  1. Patriotic Candles

Table centerpieces are an important part of Independence day celebrations. They can bring vibrancy to a table during the day, and illuminate the room at nighttime. This extra light can help extend the night as you share important facts about the history of Independence Day

Simply take some rice and divide it into three portions. Color one-third with red food coloring, and another third with blue. Then grab some mason jars and fill it up with each a red, white, and blue layer of rice to the top and place a candle on top.

Learn More About the Best Patriotic Decorating Ideas

There you have it! The best patriotic decorating ideas to impress your friends and family with this independence day. 

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