The increase in online shopping has made everything from holiday to grocery shopping more convenient and simpler. Nonetheless, it has also made it simpler for thieves, growing ‘porch pirating,’ or package theft.

Package theft data prove how much of a concern this has turned out to be. In fact, one-third of Americans have encountered package theft according to surveys. More than half of the people surveyed know somebody who has been the target of package theft. 

Good news! You will find easy preventative measures you can do to help avoid package theft despite the widespread of this problem. You can utilize the tips below to keep your packages safe and shipped to the rightful owners. 

Buy large parcel drop boxes 

One of the best ways you can avoid theft is by getting a porch locker. Remember that the majority of thievery is a matter of opportunity. Porch lockers safeguard your items in different ways. First, they are hard to get into, and most porch pirates will not think about stealing your packages if they do not see them out in the open. 

You will find the best extra large parcel drop boxes money can buy at Neighborhoodsquare. They are the best place that can help you in this matter. 

Let your packages delivered to your office 

Porch pirates target the awareness that a lot of people will leave their items unattended throughout the workday. One way to avoid this is to have your parcels shipped to your workplace. That’s effective, especially if you know the anticipated data will fall on your workday. 

There will be someone else in your workplace to receive your package if you are not currently available.  

Install security cams to your residence

It is perhaps one of the effective methods to avoid somebody from stealing your parcels. So why don’t you install security cams at your driveway, hallway, or front door? Installing noticeable cameras in the area could help discourage delinquents from trying to get your parcel as the camera will catch them.

On top of that, security cameras with a mobile application let you track your residential property on days when you’re expecting the transport. The security camera will deliver a message when it senses someone.

Network with your neighbors 

Your neighbors could be useful when we talk about avoiding package theft while you are away at your home. Perhaps you are currently expecting a delivery today. You can request your neighbor to watch for it and get it when it arrives. You can just pick it up from them once you get home. 

You can commit to check for and report strangers within the neighborhood as a community. You should be cautious of suspicious activity. Do not be afraid to call the local law enforcement when something looks strange. 

Require sign up tracking alerts and signature

It is another porch pirates and theft prevention tip you should consider, although it could be a short-term annoyance as deliveries are made throughout the working day. Still, requiring a signature could be an easy method to avoid robbers from pocketing your transported package.

Go for a signature delivery when placing the order. You might also prefer to call the delivery service and request a confirmation signature during delivery. What’s more, you can also contract for tracking alerts to keep updated when you expect the parcel. 

Call the retailer or the seller 

Does it look like your package has been stolen? Make sure you immediately contact the retailer or seller that sold you the item. Various retailers have different processes and policies for dealing with stolen items. However, you are typically qualified for a replacement or refund. 

Amazon covers the majority of stolen packages with its A-to-Z Guarantee Protection Program. Purchases fulfilled by Amazon are sourced from retail partners referred to as Amazon Sellers. 

Amazon needs you to call the Amazon Seller and try settling the problem with them. On the other hand, you can file a claim with Amazon if you have waited two or more business days for a response, or the seller is not that cooperative. They will likely issue a refund after that.

It might not be possible to get rid of package theft. Still, you will find other things you can do to lessen the risk. Taking a few extra necessary steps to safeguard your packages could make all the difference. It will also get rid of the headaches and stress of replacing stolen packages.