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A kitchen renovation is a splendid way to add value to your home and give it a quick makeover. This is one of the key rooms in your house and one where you spend a lot of time. A new kitchen can make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels. 

Unfortunately, kitchen renovations can sometimes be expensive and messy. When things go wrong, you end up with a kitchen that doesn’t meet your dreams and cost way more than you expected. To avoid this, you have to know the biggest issues when renovating a kitchen, and how to avoid them!

Basic design plan

I would say the biggest problem stems from a very basic design plan. If someone has sketched your design on a piece of paper, it will rarely turn out as expected. This is because you can interpret a sketch in different ways. When you have a vision in your head, the sketch takes on that vision. To the workers, they may see it in a slightly different way. As a result, you end up with a finished project that they’re happy with, but you aren’t. 

This can easily be remedied with a better design plan. Companies like Kaboodle let you create a 3D design of your new kitchen, which is way more accurate than a 2D sketch. Now, you can properly map out how things look, choose the correct colors, and put together a design that’s impossible for someone to mess up. The workers know precisely what you’re after, so you get the kitchen of your dreams. 

Color clashes

Choosing the different colors in your kitchen is a huge task. You want everything to match and go well together. The kitchen tiles have to match the cabinets, and the walls need to bring everything together. It seems like a simple task, but it often goes wrong because you don’t see how things match until it’s too late. 

Instead, be sure you get samples of all the tiles or colors you’re looking for. Hold them up against one another to see if they match. Bring them into your kitchen for a more accurate view of how the colors respond to the lighting in this room. Now, you should be able to choose a color scheme with confidence. 


Lastly, there’s the issue of impracticality. This happens when you focus too much on how the kitchen looks, rather than what it can do. As a result, you end up with cabinets that open onto one another, making it easy for doors to bang against cabinets and cause scratches. Or, you realize you don’t have enough space to fit your kitchen utensils in the cabinets. 

Regardless, you need to focus on creating a practical kitchen as well as an aesthetically pleasing one. Take the time to work out how doors open and how much space you have. If your kitchen isn’t practical, it becomes a pain to use. 

Be aware of these three issues to ensure you don’t have to deal with them! As a consequence, your kitchen renovation should be smooth and simple.