Mixing music is basically recording tracks and blending them together to create a pleasing sound. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with experimenting and perhaps the only mistake that you can do is holding back on playing around with different sounds. In order to start mixing music, you need some tools and equipment to work with, and below are some of the basics you need to invest in.  You may need to rely on financing like dj finance to get you started, whether this is a hobby or a business venture.  You can always get started with inexpensive equipment like cheap dj speakers.

Input Devices

One of the basic equipment that you need to have is an input device such as a turntable or a CD deck. With a turntable, you will be able to effortlessly transfer your vinyl recordings to your computer. Some of the most advanced turntables even feature a tonearm which can lower distortion.


You can consider the mixer as a core part of your setup because it is through your mixer where you will be able to perform different tricks and techniques. Through your mixer, you will also have the capability to make a smooth transition between two recordings or simply play record players.

DJ Controllers

A DJ controller can also help you mix and blend your music from multiple genres. In case you are not into using a turntable, you can leverage a controller that can simulate its function. With a controller, you will be able to easily manipulate your software and mix music through the use of knobs, encoders, jog wheels, as well as other control components. The best DJ controllers are usually easy to use and set up, with some even featuring an LCD display screen that comes in high resolution. There are also those that come with multi-functional performance pads that will allow you to add loops or control the cues seamlessly.


A high-quality headphone is preferable over earbuds, and will pave the way for you to mix music with precision and determine the right timing to play your blend of songs. It is most likely that you will wear your headphones for quite some time as you are mixing music, which is why it is of the utmost importance to choose the best headphones that are comfortable and durable. Opt for those with an ear cup that can rotate to allow for a single-ear listening.

Sound System

Finally, you will be able to hear your mixes clearly with the use of studio monitor speakers. High fidelity speakers produce high-quality sounds and this is what you are after in looking for the perfect sound system for your overall mixing set up. Low-quality sound systems can amplify unwanted frequencies that can make it difficult for you to hear the sound of the actual mix you have created.

In conclusion, to be able to mix music, you need to have some input devices and of course a mixer and a DJ controller. You also need to have some headphones and a sound system. After this, you can already start in going against the trusted mixing techniques to create your own sound. Just have fun and enjoy mixing the music you love you hear because for sure, your efforts will be worth it in the end.