Dark eye circles are a common occurrence across the genders. During the process of aging, your skin begins exposing the blood vessels that are underneath. This factor is due to the loss of collagen and the thickness of the skin.

The dark circles can be brought about by several reasons ranging from age, eye strain, dehydration, and allergies. Individuals who are dark-skinned may experience an increased melanin production, especially when continually exposed to the sun, leading to dark eye circles. Other factors include genetic predisposition and fatigue.

There are several signs that you may be having dark eye circles. It is characterized by:

  • Dark patches under the eyes,
  • Stress,
  • Formation of eye bags
  • Puffy appearance under the lower eyelid

If you are suffering from dark eye circles, the solution may be right inside your house. There are several remedies that you can make at home to treat and reduce dark eye circles.


The cucumber is a healthy plant cultivated due to its dietary nutritional value. This plant has several benefits and contains bioactive compounds. The vitamins present in it help in inhibiting tyrosinase activity (an enzyme that contains copper, which serves as a catalyst in melanin production).

This inhibiting property of the cucumber helps in reducing the pigmentation occurring around the eyes.

Blend a mixture of Aloe-Vera gel measuring one teaspoon and one cucumber. Once you have the paste, apply it under the eyes and then wash after about 15 minutes. Repeat this action daily till the circles disappear.

Rosehip Oil

This in-home remedy for dark eye circle treatment is well known for its healing benefits. It is highly effective in the nourishing of the skin as it comes with Vitamin A and fatty acids. Rosehip oil helps in improving the flexibility of the skin and regulates its permeability.

Rosehip oil contains anti-melanogenic properties due to the presence of proanthocyanidins, which reduces dark eye circles.

Mix the Rosehip oil with coconut oil to dilute it, then apply it to the affected parts. Wash it off in the morning after leaving it on overnight. Repeat this process until the dark circles disappear.

Tomato paste

Tomatoes are a necessary ingredient in the cooking process, so it is readily available. It helps in the reduction and prevention of oxidative damage to the tissues of your skin. The presence of beta-carotene and lycopene in the tomato helps in reducing the redness of the skin (erythema) and also gets rid of the dark circles under the eyes.

Blend lemon juice and tomato to make a paste then apply it around the affected areas. Rinse it off after about 20 minutes and repeat the process at most twice every week.


Besides yogurt serving as a tasty drink, you can also use it to treat dark eye circles. This home remedy comes with L-cysteine, which helps in inhibiting the activities of tyrosinase. This action helps in the prevention of pigmentation and helps reduce dark eye circles.

Mix two teaspoons of yogurt with one teaspoon of lemon juice, then apply the paste to the areas around the eyes. Wash off the areas after about 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this process at least two times a week.

Green Tea Bags

This home remedy helps to eliminate the dark eye circles by inhibiting melanogenesis. The phenolic compound that it contains helps in the prevention of pigmentation that is excessive, thus aiding in the reduction of dark eye circles.

Soak two green tea bags in water, then refrigerate them briefly. Place the tea bags on your eyes and wash off after about 15 minutes. Repeat the process daily until the eye circles disappear.


The above remedies are efficient and readily available in case you need to use home treatment for the dark eye circles. Under normal circumstances, dark eye circles are not a thing to worry about and only need a lifestyle change or enough rest. However, in extreme cases where the dark circles do not fade away, and you swell under one of the eyes, seek medical advice from the doctor.