Here are some gifts for kids to encourage open-ended creative thinking, self-expression, as well as fine motor skills, and best of all, these can be done separately, making for a certain wonderful pleasant time exercise. And if you only want to store a craft project or ignite your kid’s creativity, we have the finest art and supplies of crafts ideas for you. You can easily find the best of all deals on Hobby Lobby while saving extra on all your purchases using Hobby Lobby Online coupon codes and promo codes.


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  1. Beeswax Honeysticks crayons: Honeysticks are the most preferred craft for children particularly those who still can put stuff into their mouths. Honeysticks are safe and low in toxicity and are made of 100 % pure beeswax of New Zealand and flavoring pigment. These come in a variety of shapes/sizes and all are easy to hold for small fingers, but hard to break.
  2. Watercolor Crayons: The Jar Melo Baby Roo Silky Crayons definitely follow their name: kids like how fast they glide. They are not poisonous, waterproof, and the greatest part is that just by applying quite a water will become a pastel or aquarelle. They do have an adjustable to the body so that they don’t have to bother with sleeves of paper.
  3. Colored Pencils: When your children are about to upgrade from pencils, invest in a premium range of colored pencils as the contrast between the regular pencil is night and day. These have richly colored pigments, which are easy to use (children do not have to push hard).
  4. Watercolor Paint Set: This Prang 16 watercolor set is fast to set up if you are looking for a less measured paint activity all you need is a water brush and can be put away the same thing easily and just close the palette
  5. Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint: Crayola’s anti-toxic liquid-based paints can’t be matched the bright colors. This collection consists of 10 iconic colors suitable for sticks, cards, or sponges. Seek to turn a little more of some color into a canvas of little artistic children love to look like an artist.
  6. Watercolor Pencils: Taking those colored pencils with these amazing aquarelle pencils to a whole new level. You can use them as a regular colored pencil, but when you add the water the magic occurs. Strive to dip your tip into water to obtain an invigorating, creamy texture or take a wet brush and blend all your colors with each other for a very impressive result. There can not be enough of our children’s tests.
  7. Playdoh 10-Pack: If you don’t have time to make it your own, refill your stock with this 10-pack of Playdoh so that when bad weather hits your kids still have some handy and creative things to do. Although there is a lot of fantastic Playdoh set on the market – some of our all-time favorites are Dr. Drill ‘n Fill, Pizza Party, and Sweet Shoppe – we do find the best open-ended play tool to cut, shape, sculpt, flatten the dough into anything your child can imagine.
  8. Crayola Washable Finger Paints: These are non-toxic finger paints and easily washed off from clothes and skin. Squeeze them on to the paper for both the fun activity of sensory artwork.
  9. Spill-Proof Paint Cups: We consider this sort of cup very helpful, not only to keep unused paint fresh but also to fill with water for brushing. The hole on the top maintains that heavier balls don’t knock over the cup and when knocked over accidentally, the spillage is considerably less. It also suits our suggested stack perfectly.
  10. Gluesticks: We have no idea to tell you how many times we start a craft to dry up and all our glues and find them unusable. It’s important to keep a stick and also put a stick or two tucked away so that anyone can’t get a lost top. This washable glue stick for early learners is one of the best – it is easy for children to open and close the cap separate, is washable and non-toxic, and does not roll away thanks to its triangular shape. It also goes to violet (but dries clear), so for younger children, it is perfect to see where the glue has already been applied.

For children who want to do some creative stuff and expand their creativity, this list would be such a wonderful gift. Some materials can also be packed into mason jars, including beads and pom-poms. Putting supplies in vessels makes them much more attractive and accessible for children.