As the weather warms up, we have been enjoying new places to hike, and have been checking out some of the different Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy Preserves.  Originally, we were going to hike at the Bennett Hill Preserve, but not surprisingly, the lot was full (the website says it is one of their popular preserves).  The Keleher Preserve was only a few miles away, and we were pleased to find that there was no one else there when we arrived.

It was easy to find the preserve using Google Maps.

In addition to Google Maps, be sure to also check out the winter and summer driving directions on the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy website.  The road is a narrow dirt road, and I imagine that you would want to be extra careful in any kind of inclement winter weather.

There was a pretty good amount of parking available; maybe about 8 spots.  This is not a location where you could park along the road, so if the lot is full, have some backup hikes ready.  There are quite a few nearby, like the Hannacroix Ravine Preserve and Bennett Hill Preserve.

The kiosk had a laminated map posted, but we always save a copy of the map to our phones before hiking.  You can find the full PDF version on the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy website.

I was impressed at how well this preserve is marked.  There are many signs and trail markers all along the way.

The trails are easy for the most part, with a few steep portions.

On the far end of the preserve on the white trail, as well as the red trail, there are some great views of Albany.

We hiked about 4 miles at the preserve, starting on the white trail, then red, white, orange, and white.

The trails seemed well maintained, and the preserve was nice and quiet.

Visit the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy page for the Keleher Preserve at: