Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

If you have spent the last few months in quarantine with your family, then you might have started to realise you have outgrown your home. With everyone together and many of us trying to work or learn at home, it could be time to consider our options. 

Buying a larger home isn’t always feasible. You might have the money to do it, but perhaps you have your dream home now. One that you want to retire in when all the children inevitably move out. So how can you make more space and stay put? The answer could be right under your nose. 

Basement remodelling is a brilliant way to create more space in your family home. You are essentially adding a whole new storey to the house. This could be an excellent addition while you have the children growing up as it could give you an extra living room, an office and a playroom. It will also be a potential source of income when the children leave. Either as an AirBnB or a separate annexe which could be rented on a longer-term lease. By investing in the space below your house, you are also increasing the value of your property.

It’s wise to have a professional come and check your basement to see what is viable. Even if you only have a small space, by adding one extra room, you are freeing up valuable space upstairs. You could create a small den for the children where they can study and play, keeping them out of your living room which will become an adult-only space. If you have room, then there is the potential of placing your kitchen and dining room in the basement and giving yourself even more room on the ground floor. A good architect will know what is possible and run through all the options with you. They will also be able to help you locate any structural walls so you know where you can create more space.

Set a budget and stick to it, however, make sure you write a contingency plan into this too. You also need to get lots of quotes for the works. Don’t always go for the cheapest. You need to think about value for money. So compare and negotiate before you start. You want to ask your contractor to set a fixed price if you can. This will save any arguments as the job goes on.

Be prepared to have your life turned upside down for a bit. Major renovations can cause a lot of dust and plenty of mess. You will also have to share your home with contractors for a few weeks, which can be pretty stressful. Make sure you have plenty of coffee and try not to get too frustrated by all the muddy boots prints left in your home every day. The end result will be fantastic and will give you and your family a great space to live in for years to come!