Being a mom means a lot of running around, but it isn’t necessarily because you have time to work out. In fact, in the days since becoming a parent, you might have discovered that you have fewer opportunities to hit the gym, and when you do get the time, you’re already exhausted. It’s easy to feel frustrated with yourself for not doing any exercise, but you should cut yourself some slack! If you want to ensure that you get yourself back into shape and start feeling healthier, there are ways to work out in your own home. 

Use Your Staircase! 

If you have a staircase at home, or steps anywhere in your house for that matter, you can start doing step-ups. It’s a simple yet effective exercise that will get your heart-rate going and tone your legs and butt! Even walking up and downstairs for five-to-ten minutes will be beneficial, and you don’t have to spend a dime on any exercise equipment. 


Yoga is a great exercise that helps to strengthen your core and can also help you unwind after a long day. It’s a popular choice with many and another exercise you can do easily at home. You can find videos online to follow, from beginner to advanced levels. It’s great if you can do this in the morning to stretch your body out and prepare it for the day. If not, finding time while the kids are at school or in the evenings will work just as well. 

HIIT exercises

Again, there are plenty of online videos available that you can do these workouts to. High-intensity interval training is fantastic for cardio, building muscle, and burning fat. Some of these exercises that are easy to do at home include jumping rope, sprinting, lunges, and push-ups. Just fifteen minutes of HIIT a day can make a big difference. 


For this exercise, you are going to have to invest in some equipment. Spinning Bikes are available to purchase from online retailers and large sporting goods stores. Additionally, purchasing an indoor cycling exercise bike might be more beneficial if you’re looking for a less intense workout. Do your research and compare the pros and cons of good bikes like Peleton and the CAROL bike before making a final decision. Make sure you have room at home before you buy, as you will need to have enough space around you to exercise comfortably. 


You might want to invest in a treadmill to use at home for this exercise. If you don’t have much space in your home, there are folding treadmills available, which enable you to enjoy working out at home without sacrificing a lot of floorspace. If you’re self-conscious or a beginner to running, purchasing a treadmill might be a good idea until you become more comfortable with the exercise. If not, you can run around your block or at your local park – even running laps around your backyard will do! Why not ask a friend if they would like to start running with you? It’s easier to stay motivated if you’re doing it with someone else! 

Being a mom is a lot of hard work, and often you can lose precious ‘me time’ in the chaos. Although exercise might not be your ideal way to get your own space, it can help boost your mood, energy levels, and confidence.