¡Muévete! Songs for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body is a wonderful new CD from José-Luis Orozco, available April 17, 2020.  This album features 18 bilingual songs (in Spanish and English) that were created to inspire kids to learn about language and being healthy.

GRAMMY-nominated artist José-Luis Orozco has lengthy music career, with experience as a bilingual educator, children’s author, and recording artist.  In a recent interview, Orozco said that, “The vision is to reach all the children. And to celebrate multiculturalism, bilingualism and with this particular recording, to celebrate movement and to keep healthy, especially around these days of the Coronavirus epidemic.” (Grammy.com)

The fun bilingual songs on Muevete engage kids in the music.  Take for instance the Popcorn song, in which Orozco instructs kids to jump every time he says “pop”.  I am all too familiar with being a busy parent and wanting to engage my kids in activities that are good for them.  These songs are a wonderful way for children to explore new words and music, and to get moving, dancing, using motor skills.  And what a great time to put on some great music and get moving, while we are stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.  There are so many things for kids to take away from this album, whether it is hearing new styles of music, learning new words, or simply using their energy and dancing.

You can also download this free “Muevete” coloring page at Smithsonian Folkways (here).

Check out the “Clap, Tap, Tralala” video:


Check out Muevete and other great music at Smithsonian Folkways.

You can also purchase this CD at Amazon.