We’ve all seen pictures of people who have claimed they lost weight with Lipozene or another product. Are the photos real? I’m sure everyone has asked that question. Doing some research on reviews will provide the answer.

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Everyone wants to see proof that a weight loss supplement like Lipozene works, and the best way to accomplish that is with pictures of before and after. However, are these pictures showing the real thing? Is this really the person who wrote a review on the product?

True or False

Have you ever looked at a picture on a review of a weight loss product and wondered if it was true? I think everyone has, and if you do some research you will find your answer. When you look at some of the reviews, you are likely to see the exact same photo with a different name. What does this tell you? You might think perhaps the review is fake, but this is not necessarily true. In many cases, the review is real, but the photo is not of the person writing the review. This is not done to falsify information but to protect the privacy of the person who wrote the review. 

Model or Photoshopped

There are a couple things publishers might do in order to protect the privacy of the reviewer. First, they may have models who have agreed to pose for the product. They may have been former user of the product or the publisher may have paid the person for permission to use their photo. Another possibility could be photoshopping. They might even use the body of the real person and the head of a model. They could take the actual photo and make changes so the face is not recognizable. In most cases, the purpose is simply to protect the privacy of the real user rather than to falsify the review by using a different picture. 


Models agree to allow their photos to be used in many different ways. You can sometimes look at reviews with different names but the same picture. Why is that? After all, if you lose a lot of weight, wouldn’t you be proud of it? While that may seem to make sense, the truth is with so many hackers today, many people have become paranoid and want to protect themselves and their families. You should go by the review and not try to match the review to the person in the picture.