Electronics have really become prevalent in the past decade, and having two kids born around the time iPads and iPhones became popular, I can relate to the struggle of limiting screen time.  Here are some tips for some strategies I have used over the years.

No electronics until chores / homework / etc

When the kids come home from school, it is right when I come home from work.  We are all tired and struggling with just wanting to take a break.  This is such a tricky area.  I usually let the kids have about 10 minutes of screen time, because maybe they want to check something or send a message to a friend.  But speaking from experience, you have to set a limit, or this can turn into hours.

I find myself the most frustrated when the kids are on their devices and they have other things they are supposed to get done.  The devices are taken away, and they have to do their chores, homework, practice instruments, help with dinner, etc.

No electronics if it is nice out

If the weather is beautiful, no electronics.  We live in Upstate New York, so the winter months drag out, and this can be a tough time.  But when the weather is nice, the kids need to get outside, get fresh air and sun.

Set limits

Use whatever you need to when it comes to setting limits.  You can use parental control apps, timers, whatever you need to put electronic use to a stop.  If you want to limit screen time to an hour, for example, make sure that you follow up and either take the device or lock it.  On your iPhone, you can go right into Settings -> Screen Time and pick from a multitude of limits.

Detox from electronics

Not every day needs to involve electronics.  Some days I take away electronics entirely, and the results are great.  My kids hang out together, they use toys / crafts that normally gather dust.. it’s wonderful!