Spring is quickly approaching, and while things certainly feel a little grey at the moment, we can all hope for better times ahead. One thing that we can do to cheer ourselves up, make life brighter, and make everything feel a little bit fresher, is making a few changes at home. Making your home feel brighter and fresher, let’s spring in, it can improve your mood and even your outlook on life. So, here are some of the upgrades, both big and small, for your home this spring. 

Go Eco Friendly

Becoming more environmentally friendly is a great thing to do for the planet, but also for yourself and your home. A solar panel installer can help you to save money while reducing non-renewable energy usage, but there are other, smaller, changes that you can make. Try to use less water, turn your thermostat down, and recycle as much as you can. You’ll feel much better for it. 

Enjoy a Spring Clean

This is the perfect time for a big spring clean, especially if you are going to be stuck at home for a while. Write a list of all of those big jobs that you never usually have time for. Things like cleaning out your kitchen cupboards and drawers, tidying up your wardrobes, cleaning the windows, moving and cleaning underneath and behind furniture, and anything that is specific to your home. Do one job a week, or more if you can, but don’t feel as though you have to do it all in one go if you don’t want to. 

Let Nature In

There are some different ways that you can let nature into your home. The first is simply opening your windows for a little every day and letting some fresh air in. You might want to spend some time updating and tidying up your garden so that you feel like there are more natural elements for you to enjoy every time that you open your curtains. Then, there’s the inside. Adding fresh flowers, houseplants, and other natural elements can all brighten things up and make your home feel and smell fresher. 

Add Colorful Touches

Fresh flowers are a brilliant way to add color, but certainly not the only way. Add colorful accessories and soft furnishings to cheer up your rooms without significant expense. 

Relax with Lighter Bedding

In winter, you might favor thick bedding in deep colors. In springtime, these can feel too warm and close. Open your bedroom up with some lighter linen in thinner textures. Opt for light, soft cotton instead of deeper brushed materials. 

Change Lampshades

Lighting can be costly. It can also be a great way to change the atmosphere in any room. Changing your lampshades (as well as swapping bulbs out for LEDs) is a great way to change the rooms, brightening things up, without spending more than you need to. 

Replace Bathroom Fittings

A new bathroom is expensive. But, replacing those mildew covered taps and other fittings is a more affordable way to make your bathroom more hygienic and shiny. 

Invest in a Rug

Rugs can be a cheap way to change up a room. Add some light, machine washable rugs to your rooms for an easy pop of springtime color.