Sky TV is the most reputable TV services provider in UK. If you’ve subscribed to Sky TV then you surely will get hundreds of entertainment channels. The most famous TV channel is Sky Atlantic which you can never find via other service providers except NOW TV, which you can easily find it on Sky TV. In this article, we will show you all the entertainment channels of Sky TV.

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1. Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic is the most famous entertainment channel in UK, people mostly use it for watching movies, TV series, and lots of other things. This TV channel can be found on Sky TV and NOW TV. The latter is the subsidiary of Sky TV so you can watch this Sky with NOW TV because it is only the provider of Sky Atlantic. 

2. Vibe

The vibe is the largest catalog of crime stories, dramas and seasons. If you love to watch a thrilling, dramatic and crime story dramas then you will surely enjoy this channel. On this channel, you will watch your shows in 4K ultra HD quality. The vibe channel’s most famous dramas are VERA S10, Inside the Operating Theatre and Agatha and the Truth of the Murder. These three shows are the top reputed and frequently watched in the UK.

3. BBC News Channel

I think you should be familiar with BBC news channel. It is the largest New channel in the world. It is based in the USA but it has subsidiaries in different countries. Most people in the UK love to watch the BBC for news updates. The Sky TV offers you to watch the BBC channel for free of cost, you can even watch the past news, shows of the BBC channel, any interview done in the past, etc. 

4. Jones

If you love to watch the movies and shows of 19’s then this channel should be your favorite. In this channel, you will find every show, season and movie which is released between 1950 to 1990. Mostly aged people love to watch this channel because this helps them to remember their childhood and this is why it is a popular entertainment TV channel, and Sky TV offers this channel for free with the subscription.

5. National Geographic

National Geographic is the channel in which you can explore the world by just sitting at your place. In the National Geographic channel, you can explore lots of things that have happened in the world. If you love traveling and love animals then you should watch this channel, because you can learn many things from this channel. This channel is not available for free in the UK, but if you purchase the subscription of the Sky TV then you will get it free of cost.