Having the ability to work from home can have a lot of benefits, such as a better work-life balance, not having to commute, but probably one of the best reasons, the ability to personally design your office space. With your own decision on how to put together your workspace, you can make it productively stimulating and pleasant to spend time in.


Responsibly Use Inspiration Images

You can find endless home office inspiration images that look amazing on Pinterest and in interior design magazines, however, they aren’t always the most practical of solutions. Upholstered dining room chairs can look great however won’t give your back the support it needs. Small and stylish vintage desks won’t be able to accommodate for large project files. While it might seem like a good idea to use a bright feature wall to look at, it might be distracting and annoying. When there’s too much environmental stimulation it can become distracting, so the best home offices need to be functional before anything else.

Make Sure To Follow Ergonomic Rules

Studies have been carried out to make sure that when you’re working at your desk all day it doesn’t affect your health. Procedures should be followed such as having the top of your computer screen at eye level, this is because when you read down the screen your eyelids will naturally close slightly which will moisten and reduce eye fatigue. Have your chair adjusted so your feet can rest firmly on the floor or something rested on the floor. Splurge on a chair that is ergonomically designed such as Eames Office Chair Replica, that have been relied upon for years to support people in the workplace. A chair you can sit comfortably on will make it easier for you to put the hours in.

Save the space by using compact equipment

Before purchasing new equipment, try to finalize your tasks. For someone who does not need to work with papers, adding printing machines to their working space would be a useless expense. For those whose work mainly requires printing and scanning tasks, multifunctional printers will be a great addition to their home office.

However, if you only need a printing machine you can use desktop laser printers which help to save space and become more flexible.

Embrace Natural Light

Place your desk close to windows, this ideal set up allows you to have the benefit of natural light that can make you feel happier and gives you a nice scene to look at while you give your eyes a break from the computer.

Even if you have a great natural light source, there’s still a need for additional lighting and a lot of the time overhead lighting isn’t sufficient enough. Purchasing a table lamp that offers a soft glow and the chance to add some interesting design possibilities to your desk. 

Create A Comfy Space

Your desk can be the place for active work, but if you have space a position where you can sit comfortably to think or read can be a lot more productive. A great home office will give you the opportunity to have somewhere comfy to sit, creating another benefit to working from home.

Incorporate Greenery Into Your Home Office

Indoor plants can do more than just look stylish, they can make us feel good mentally and physically. Studies have shown that plants in your home can boost morale, productivity, concentration and creativity along with reducing stress and fatigue, which are all important elements when it comes to creating your home office. 

Stock Up On Equipment You Need

And finally, keep supplies at hand so you don’t have to keep leaving your desk to grab things from different rooms over your house. Even though it is important to take breaks from your desk, you don’t want it to stop your productivity flowing.