When considering luxury for your place, a swimming pool must be one of the top options on your list. In modern times, you might have seen several types of pool shapes, and it must be challenging as a homeowner to pin down an ideal option for your space. Primarily, you need to match your location and area before moving forward with perfect swimming pool design. Here I’ve listed down the top four luxurious pool styles recommended worldwide by talented designers.

Infinity Pool

The No.1 on my list is the infinity pool shape. This design is also known as a negative-edge or vanishing-edge pool. This pool style has dramatic effects. When you are considering something luxury for your home, infinity pools and infinity meditation pools are pretty suitable. These swimming pools are best for instant relaxation. Places that oversee remarkable backdrops like mountains, trees, oceans, beaches, or even rivers are best-suited to execute infinity pool design. However, the maintenance of infinity pool design is quite essential on a regular basis. You need to keep in contact with a reliable provider for weekly pool services. For instance, pool service gilbert AZ offers master cleaning services and repairs at a reasonable price. 

Freeform Pool

If you aim to incorporate an asymmetrical pool area at your home, then the freeform pool is an excellent choice for you. This design attempts to match the surroundings and sync with the whole outdoor area. But, the freeform pool style doesn’t follow the geometry rules. Whatever you visualize pool style in your head, just talk to your home designer. This design will turn into a perfect example of luxury with a touch of natural, rustic, or tropical settings. 

Grecian & Roman Pool

This pool style is the classic rectangle gone wild. The mirroring elements of ancient art inspire Grecian & Roman pool design. Initially, this pool style is constructed as a rectangle and then pushed and pulled into a different shape. There is a slight difference between the Grecian pool and the Roman pool. The former has cut corners (like an octagon), whereas, latter has stylized corners with rounded ends. Grecian & Roman pool is an ideal amalgamation of the Grecian pool and Roman pool. This pool shape seems like luxurious relics from another era. 

Kidney-Shaped Pool

This pool design is built, keeping kidney shape in mind. Kidney-shape pool is rounded from both the ends, but curved inwards at one edge. This pool style gives a serene look of the unbalanced natural water reserve. The greatest thing about this pool design is that water flow tends to circulate. Unlike figure-8 pool design, in which water crashes against the edges. So if you have a figure-8 shape swimming pool at your place and you are thinking of remodeling it into a kidney-shaped design, then you can expect great luxury in your dream home. However, for pool remodeling, decide wisely on a provider to make the best use of your space.