So, you want to get yourself a kitty? Let me tell you something. You couldn’t have made a better decision. These little creatures will make your life better in so many ways. Their cuddling skills are beyond comparison, while their playful nature will have you laughing out loud more often than you used to.

I have been living with cats my whole life. And, I must admit it, I kind of prefer the ones that have those grumpy faces. It gives them a certain dangerous look that instantly reminds you of their closest cousins in the wild. It’s like they are saying: “Remember where I came from. Know that I am a mighty hunter. I am the very God you should worship”.

And, at that very instant, they just lie on their back and make a silly face that you can’t help but adore. Now that the mighty hunter has reminded you of its origins, it wants some cuddles. Still, stay away from the belly, or you might feel its wrath and indignation. Although, who knows, you might be the lucky one allowed to touch their belly. Read this to more about tummy rubs.

Training Cats

Every single cat in the world has its own, quirky personality. It’s like with people, really. Getting to know one of them doesn’t mean you instantly know all of them. It depends on the breed, the genes, the upbringing and many other factors. Don’t be surprised if you see two kittens from the same litter behave in completely different ways. They simply have a mind of their own and there is nothing you can do about it.

When it comes to training these creatures, I simply don’t know how to tell you this without hurting your feelings. There is a far better chance for them to train you. Of course, if you dedicate practically all your time and efforts towards teaching them some tricks, it’s not mission impossible.

But, trust me, it takes far more effort than you might be thinking right now. As stubborn as they are, chances are they won’t be so willing to obey you. After all, they are “the very God you should worship” and rarely do they allow it to be the other way around.

This independence of theirs is not only interesting, but also useful. It gives them far better chances to survive if left alone compared to, for example, dogs. Since they don’t depend on their owner, cats will easily find their way around any environment and in any circumstances. This is something worth admiring.  It’s important to get something that your cat can rest on that is elevated from everything else. Cats like being in high places, so getting a cat tree can help with that. You can see some cat tree reviews at

Still, don’t you worry. A house cat is easily thought certain things, such as how to react to their name, where to do their business, how to ask for food and water, how to wake you up when it suits them… Do you notice a pattern here? It’s basically like this – they can easily be taught everything THEY need to know. It has little to do with your wishes.

Nevertheless, when you decide to get a kitty and raise it into a healthy and happy cat, then certain rules definitely apply. No matter how different their characters are, there are things that all of them have in common. Taking care of these fluffy, irresistible beings, as you can learn at – cat reviews, is not that difficult and you should know how to do it properly.


One of the most important things you need to learn is how to correctly feed your pet. That has a significant impact on their health and doing it the wrong way may have some negative consequences on their well-being. As you already know, there are some types of food that you should avoid giving to your pets at all costs. But, there’s more to it.

Kittens under six months old should be fed more frequently than adult cats. They are in the process of growing, so they need a little more nourishment. Basically, you should feed them several times a day and occasionally give them some snacks.

Their diet should include foods with high concentration of protein and taurine. For a proper development, carbs and fillers ought to be avoided. Cooked egg yolks, liver, as well as boneless fish can be delicious treats. In addition to being tasty, these will help strengthen their bones.

Another vital question is whether you should give them dry or wet food. Generally, some kittens like one more than the other, while some seem not to show any significant preferences and enjoy them both equally. The best you can do is find a nice balance between these two from the very start.

When it comes to liquids, contrary to what most people believe, cow milk is NOT healthy for kittens. The only milk they can properly digest is their mother’s milk. And the only liquid that you should give to your little companion is water. It is important to always have fresh water, so make sure to change it throughout the day.

Vet Procedures

Don’t avoid the vet. Take your kitty for all necessary immunizations, in order to protect it from some illnesses it might develop. Furthermore, regular checkups are advised throughout your cat’s life. That way you can be sure that they are in good shape

Additionally, spaying is usually a good idea. Performing this procedure keeps your cat from getting into fights, as well as from getting pregnant. This can be done at any period after your kitten turns two months, but it is best to consult the vet for the best time to do it.

Comfort & Bonding

Neglecting this animal can lead to it developing an anxiety disorder. You don’t want to let that happen. And they are really not that hard to take care of and don’t need to be constantly pampered. In fact, they spend a lot of time sleeping. But, use those periods when they are awake to bond with them. Play with your kitten, cuddle it, even talk to it. This makes them feel loved and safe.

Provide cats with the things they love, like hiding spots, and places to play, like cat trees. Some comfy beds and toys are a must for keeping your cat feeling happy and in their element.