Planning an outdoor trip for the entire family takes a lot of time and a considerable budget. However, these one-day trips are great memories to share with your children and all your family members so they are worth the stress and time to organize them. And, if you’re short on ideas on how to improve the connection between you and your children, here are some easy activities we’re sure everyone will enjoy. 


With the proper gear and a dose of adventure, you can enjoy camping almost all-year-round. The best thing is that you don’t even have to travel to a remote location with little to no access to phone signal or Internet to enjoy a quiet weekend with the family. 

Your backyard can be as good as any other camping location. Plus, it’s free and you still get to use your regular shower and toilet instead of going into the woods. 

No matter the destination, camping represents a fun way to bond with your children and family members without spending a fortune. If you’re not necessarily an outdoorsy person you can also try glamping – an upgrade from the common camping with luxury facilities in breathtaking locations. 

Water activities

All children should be taught how to swim from the earliest stages of their lives so they can enjoy all the fun activities in and around the water. Whether we’re talking about plain fishing, a day at the beach or surfing, paddle boarding, rafting or swimming, most children will have a blast in the water. 

Snorkeling and diving are also great if your kids are big enough and are passionate about sea life. Most of these activities are low-budget once you have the necessary equipment like bodyboard fins, but you need to always pay attention to the little ones and make sure they wear safety equipment. 


If you feel like your family lacks physical activity, it’s high time you stepped in and asked them to join you on a biking weekend day. Apart from increasing your endurance and working on your legs, biking is also a great way to explore the surroundings and breathe fresh air. 

You can make it more fun by going to a remote location with a biking rail or trying new roads, as long as you stay safe. Take everyone with you on this journey, even the grandparents but make sure to read this review first to pick the right bike for a senior. The adventure can finish with a quiet family picnic. 


Volunteering might not be your first choice when it comes to spending family time outdoors but it will teach your children how to become better people and allow them to contribute to their community. Whether we’re talking about an animal shelter, a soup kitchen, building camps or any other volunteering center, many people require help, even from the little ones. 

Retirement homes are also great opportunities for different generations to come together and have fun. In fact, recent studies show that seniors who live in healthcare centers will remain healthier and more active when they constantly receive visits and support from their grandchildren or children in general. After all, everyone deserves love and affection. 

Fly with a hot air balloon 

This activity may cost you a little more but it is an experience that both adults and children will enjoy. A hot air balloon ride usually lasts around an hour and is the perfect opportunity to see the city from above. For maximum effect, we suggest exploring the city from above at dusk or dawn.