There are lots of different occasions to celebrate; birthdays, anniversaries and weddings to name a few. Each one requires its own perfect backdrop to create the right atmosphere. If you want to make your event stand out and offer people something different, here are some alternative venue ideas you could use for your special occasion.


The great thing about using museums as event venues is that you can find one that matches your interests. They also add a touch of sophistication to your party. Although hiring out these spaces can be costly depending on which museum you want to use, they truly are a great alternative venue. They are neutral settings too, meaning that you can use them for most events from weddings to kids’ parties. For the latter, see if the museum you want to choose does any party packages, such as tours or activities. 

Indoor Adventure Parks

These venues are fantastic for big and little kids alike. For those who enjoy a more playful feel to their celebrations, this could be a perfect venue choice for you. With things like climbing walls, obstacle courses, trampolines and more, there is certainly plenty to keep people occupied. Urban Air Adventure Park, located in Urban Air Newnan, GA, is a perfect example of this type of venue. They are ideal for kids’ parties, but they are also suitable for group get togethers with family, friends or work colleagues. 

Art Gallery

To inject a dose of culture into your party, consider renting some private space at an art gallery. Like a museum, this type of venue has a sense of sophistication, therefore is suited for more adult celebrations such as an anniversary. If you or the guest of honor is an art lover, a gallery is the perfect setting. These venues might take a little more time to find and research however, as due to the exhibitions they will have on it might be harder to acquire space on the dates you need it. 


Outdoor space is brilliant for summer celebrations (and sometimes in the winter as long as there is good heating!). A summer garden party has an almost romantic touch to it, creating a wonderfully elegant feel. You can host this type of event in your own backyard if you’re lucky enough to have the space. If so, decorate with colorful cushions and throws for a fun, bohemian feel. If this is not an option for you, don’t panic! There are plenty of public green spaces you can use as celebration spots. Head to a local or national park with family and friends with a picnic for a terrific birthday party. The kids will love the open space to run around in and you can enjoy the fresh air and time spent with loved ones. Just make sure you clean up after yourself! 

There are plenty of options for event venues for every budget. Some of the above might not be suitable for everyone, but if you want to try something different for your next celebration they are a good place to start.