Aging gracefully with less health or social problems was not a preserve of the elderly generation of the past centuries. Many died due to neglect and lack of proper healthcare. Today, things have changed as there are more homes taking care of the seniors.

The health aspect is also better as the healthcare sector has tremendously improved. With the improvement, it is easier to live longer than before.

Elderly parent

Here are some trends that are taking place in senior health.

1) Walking Aids

With age, most seniors find it hard to walk due to age or illness. You can get a walking aid to help you walk or maintain your balance as you move. If you are buying for yourself or a family member, it can be tough to choose an appropriate walker to suit your walking aids.

Some online sites, such as, have a variety of walkers. Before you buy a walker, consider its weight capacity as they all have different weight limits. Adjustability is also crucial as it helps you maintain your posture and safety. If you like traveling, consider a walker such as Drive Medical’s Nitro Euro that is lightweight as a heavy one may inconvenience you.

If you like having a storage bag, you can choose a walker that has one such as the Vive’s rolling walker. Brakes are a factor you should not forget as it helps avoid falling on steep ground. If brakes matter to you, go for a four-wheel rollator since a walker does not have them. There are more walkers that you can choose from the site that are ergonomic for your hands.

2) Technological Advances

Technology is impacting every aspect of life, and the seniors are not left behind. Through technology, the aged can take care of themselves without the need of hiring a caregiver. Robots are helping those with memory issues. Some even encourage the old to talk about the problems bothering them and even carry those who cannot walk.

You can place a smart gadget in the house where an elderly member of your family is and monitor them. For instance, you can put some sensors on keys, doors, and pillows. You only need to connect to the internet to see if everything is in order.

Others can dispense pills, sense if someone is approaching, automatically lock doors, and alert of any danger.

3) Demand for Caregivers

Caregivers for senior citizens are not many since it is not a profession that most give a thought about as they choose careers. However, the trend will change, making more young students embrace it.

The shortage of workers will increase their demand making the pay go up. The salary increment will draw more people in the sector.

4) Demand for Housing Facilities

Due to better healthcare, more people are living in their old age. The facilities that accommodate them are few. Older people are embracing the concept of senior care in different homes assigned to them.

Therefore, the demand for such facilities will increase. The services and standards of living in the facilities will be better than before. The competition in the industry will lead to the homeowners upping their game.

5) Senior-Friendly Estates

As more people are educated and live in the city, it will be hard for them to go back to the villages. Some are born and raised in towns, and adapting to upcountry life will be out of the question. As such, many real-estate developers will come up with estates that are friendly to the elderly.

The estates will have amenities that seniors can benefit from. The streets will be freer to walk in with less traffic, footpaths, or sidewalks. A green scenery, recreation area, and an exercising facility will be some of the features included.

Safety in the estate building with proper lighting, clear signs, and resting areas will all dot the neighborhoods.

6) Public Places Will Consider the Seniors

Slippery shopping malls floors, poorly lit hallways, and stairs are unfriendly to the elderly. There will be a change in these buildings, and the upcoming ones will adopt the changes to make it easier for the aged to move freely. An exceptional customer care service will help the elderly not stand in queues or have their specialized departments taking in their concerns.

More entry points will be more considerate, having ramps that a wheelchair can pass on. As architects and city planners lay down their ideas, they are now more considerate of the seniors. Some of the changes have started taking effect, and it is only a matter of time, and the setup will be senior-friendly.