Lower back pain can be debilitating. When you suffer from back stiffness, and lower back pain, it can be hard to complete everyday tasks or get the sleep you need.

From walking to bending, lifting your kids, or sitting at your desk, even the things you do most start to feel painful. 

Luckily, there are some remedies that have proven helpful in providing lower back pain relief when you need it. 

From therapeutic massage to staying active, this guide has some great ideas for healing back pain naturally and without medication.

1. Cold and Heat Remedies

If your go-to method for relieving your back pain in the past was over the counter pain meds, learn more about how recent studies have actually shown that these medications may not be helping. 

A quick remedy you can try at home is to use a cold compress or an ice pack right when you start to feel back pain. Cold therapy will help reduce swelling and numb the pain after an injury.

Once your back pain starts to subside, you can try applying some heat to help relax aching muscles. Remember that ice should be your first step, however. Applying heat too soon will cause the muscles to swell.

2. Rest

Another easy and free way to help ease your back pain at home is by resting. Taking some time to relax and get the right amount of sleep can help your muscles time to recharge and heal.

It is not recommended to stop physical activity, or to remain sedentary, however. Sitting or laying too much will cause your body to stiffen up. 

Instead, just try getting the right amount of sleep each night. Quality sleep helps to restore your sore muscles. 

3. Drink More Water 

Drinking more water will help keep your body hydrated. Dehydration can cause cramping and stiffness. When you are being physically active, make sure to drink plenty of water.

4. Staying Active

One of the best remedies for a stiff back is to stay active. Building strong muscles and some flexibility will keep your body from getting stiff. A flexible and strong muscle tone will also help you prevent muscle injury in the future.

Walking, strength training and exercises that involve flexibility will be most beneficial for back pain. 

5. Holistic Methods

There are also several complementary therapies that can be helpful in relieving back pain. These holistic methods are performed by trained therapists who work to relax muscles and align your spine properly.

Some of these holistic methods include acupuncture, therapeutic massage, spinal manipulation, and movement therapies. 

Tai chi and yoga are all considered movement therapies.

The Best Ways to Relieve Back stiffness

Some of the best ways to relieve back stiffness are holistic methods that don’t require surgery or medications. 

Increasing your strength and flexibility through mild exercise, strength training, and yoga can do wonders. Getting more sleep and using cold therapies can also provide some much-needed relief.

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