Making matcha lattes is a great way to make them how you want, and save time and money too! This is a refreshing drink on a warm summer day, and matcha is a nice pick me up as well.

These are so easy to make.  All you need is:

 ~ matcha latte mix, or make your own with sugar and matcha powder

 ~ approx. 8oz milk or milk alternative (coconut milk, etc)

~ approx. 1/4 cup hot water

 ~ ice 

I found this matcha latte mix on Amazon.  It is so convenient to use, but also easy to mix matcha and sugar too.

Matcha powder is also easy to find, but you have to mix in some sugar as well.

Matcha Latte

Start by mixing your matcha latte mix with 1/4 cup hot water.  You want to make sure that the sugar dissolves, and I have heard that it is good to let the matcha “bloom”.

Measure out how much milk you are using.  We always choose organic milk, and I am a fan of Organic Valley because of their farming practices and benefits of their grass-fed milk products.  If you are vegan or prefer a non-dairy product, you can use that instead.

Mix the two together (the matcha and the milk).  I have a milk frother that I love for mixing!

Make sure your drink is thoroughly blended.

Add your ice, and you are set to go!

You can also make this hot!  See my post here.