You’re super excited about your upcoming high school reunion, but you’re even more delighted to plan the event. However, planning a high school reunion isn’t as simple as it sounds, as there are many things to consider, especially if you’re trying to make it unique. 

But don’t stress!

Keep reading to discover 7 awesome class reunion ideas to surprise your former classmates with the best reunion ever. 

1. Have a Unique Dinner

One great way to make your event special is to have everyone bring something delicious. Chances are, your former classmates may have traveled across the country or even the globe during their years after high school.

This makes for a great combination of spectacular recipes that can become a delicious meal for your big event. 

Plus, having everyone bring their own special dish cuts costs on catering as an added bonus. This gives your budget more room to add other fun activities.

If most classmates live too far for food to be easily transported, the small treats they can bring can still be a yummy complement to your catering endeavors.

2. Extend the Timeframe

Depending on your class’s size and location, attending their high school reunion could be a huge travel commitment, possibly requiring a plane ticket.

To ensure all your fellow classmates get enough quality time with one another, a great idea for your event is to extend its timeframe. Once you have located your classmates, you can get an idea of how many people are traveling and also the distance that they are traveling. This will help you to ascertain how much time is needed. You can use a people search tool like truthfinder to help with your search.

You could have one day in which everyone attends and the big activities happen, and then also scatter several smaller gatherings throughout the next few days.

For example, you could set up a movie night for those who want to stay and catch up a little longer. 

3. Organize an Anonymous Gift Exchange

The art of generosity is super fun and doesn’t have to be limited to just the holidays (though it would be perfectly themed if your reunion is to take place during that timeframe). 

Gift exchanges are super fun when done well, and can be one of the most enjoyable class reunion ideas because it ensures each person has a special souvenir to take home with them. 

This is more doable now with upgrades in technology. By sending out a simple email form, you can get to know your classmates’ interests and then assign names to each person. The anonymous gifts can then be set on a table in the event room.

If you choose this option, it may be a good idea to put together a few spare gifts in case anyone accidentally forgets.

4. Go to School

You’re attending a high school reunion, so why not go to school with your classmates as well? After all, you’ve done it many years of your life already. Even though there are no more classes left to take, there’s still plenty of ways to help out. 

For example, your group can volunteer to help out and do renovations if those are needed. You could assist your former teachers and help them out with things they don’t have time to do. 

There’s a camping saying about leaving things the same or better than when you arrived. The same can apply to your high school reunion event. 

By using some of your time to make your former school even better than it was, you’ll be setting a good example for future graduates and will be showing your community that you care.

5. Focus on the Aesthetics

Some of the best high school reunion ideas are ones that take design into consideration. 

Think of the high school events that you liked. What helped make them so special?

Of the ones you didn’t like, consider how they could’ve been made better. A lot of times, these qualities relate to aesthetics.

For example, not everyone finds the traditional high school music playlists appealing, so take the time to put something together that’s professional and unique. You could even reach out to your classmates for suggestions.

Instrumental is also an option to consider as well. 

Another aspect of aesthetics is the setup of the room itself. Make sure you choose a location that’s spacious enough to welcome in all your classmates, and that there’ll be enough chairs to comfortably chat and catch up with everyone. 

6. Create a Yearbook

Yearbooks have always been a high school tradition, so why not make one of your high school reunion? Consider hiring a photographer to capture your reunion’s best moments, and make sure everyone gets included among the pictures. 

You can also incorporate pictures from your high school days, as well as ones that are current. Photo books are an extremely creative endeavor, and there’s really no way to go wrong with them, as long as you make sure to include everyone. 

This way, your high school reunion can still be enjoyed even after everyone journeys back home.

7. Hire an Art Instructor

What better way to start and end a day than enjoying a creative project? If your classmates were a pretty artistic group, then consider hiring an art instructor to teach everyone a new fun skill. 

To make it even more reunion themed, you could learn how to make your school’s logo on a canvas.

Art is enjoyable and relaxing, making this the perfect activity to help everyone destress after their travels.

Coming up With the Best Class Reunion Ideas

Event planning doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor and by considering these class reunion ideas, you’re setting you and your fellow classmates up for lots of fun! 

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