You’ve gone through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to create the home layout of your dreams. It’s taken years of work to reach a sense of accomplishment with the entire design.

Believe it or not, there’s still a way that you can take things to the next level… literally!

Many people have an attic in their home that they never use. Not doing so is wasting extra space you could have for your entire family.

So… what are you supposed to do with this newfound space? What can you turn it into?

Here are attic room ideas to get the thought process started on what you ultimately want to design.

1. Home Theater

Whose ideal dream home doesn’t include a home theater somewhere inside of it?

You may have thought that the luxury of a home theater is reserved only for millionaires with mansions. Not the case!

Take that extra square footage in your attic and make it a place for epic movie nights. Invest in comfy furniture, recessed ceiling lights, and a huge TV with surround sound speakers to heighten the experience even more! 

Once you bring this idea to life, you’ll find any excuse to be up there watching movies or the big game!

2. Boarded Loft

Could you and your family really use an extra room in the house? Looking for a way to turn that heavily-insulated attic into more space for the kids? Turn the attic into a boarded loft!

There are many benefits of loft boarding such as adding value to your home, reducing your home’s heat loss, and more floor space.

Not to mention that a loft is one of the coolest features you can integrate into your home! It maximizes spacing. What once was a child’s room on the first story of your house can now become that home office you desperately need.

3. Kid’s Playroom

All children should have a place in their house where they can play and mess around. That’s where the imagination grows! Not to mention, they’ll be able to entertain themselves for hours.

Take that attic you currently aren’t using and turn it into a playroom for your kids.

You can put in things such as colorful furniture, toys, a drawing space, Tv, or whatever you feel like they’d enjoy. There’s no set rulebook on what to include.

Another perk is that you’ll have a space to store all of the kids’ extra toys and belongings.

4. Reading Space

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a space where you can go and escape the noise.

Somewhere that you can go to, lie down, and read a book without all of the interruptions of everyday life.

If so, now’s your chance to turn that attic into a comfy and relaxing reading space.

Find some comfy furniture, wall fixtures, a nice bookshelf, or a sturdy ladder shelf that is available at Nathan James, to set the peaceful tone that you’re looking for out of your new reading place.

5. Man Cave

Every man of the house desires to have a man cave in their home. A place where they can go and do “man things” like play video games, watch sports, drink beer, etc.

However, sometimes they put it on the back burner since there aren’t enough rooms in the house to spare.

Now they can have a place to call their own. Their very own man cave in the attic. 

Complete the setup with things like a TV, comfy furniture, sports teams posters, and whatever other man cave essentials they require.

6. Spare Room

Are Grandma and Grandpa constantly coming into town for a few days? Do you not have enough space to give them a room of their own during their stay? Problem solved!

Turn that attic either into their spare bedroom or turn it into one of the kid’s rooms so that Grandma and Grandpa don’t have to walk up the steps.

This is your time to take your decorating skills and put them to good use. Find a comfy bed, desk, or couch to put in their room and maximize their space. 

Give Grandma and Grandpa a place to stay and catch their breath from the hustle and bustle of you and your family’s lives.

7. Library

Maybe you’re an avid reader that has way more books than you know what to do with. 

However, you’re not going to sell them or give them away, because you’re the type of person that loves to reread them every now and then. What to do?

Turn your attic into a library where you can store the books and have a comfy place to relax. This library can also be a makeshift office, workspace, or another variation of the previously-mentioned reading space.

8. Master Bedroom

Maybe you’re the generation that always envied the attic room that Arnold had in the cartoon, Hey Arnold!

Why let the kids or the grandparents live out a dream you’ve always had? Turn it into the master bedroom.

Depending on the size of your attic, there might be space to integrate a personal bathroom as well.

Take a hard look at whether the attic you have is suitable for a master bedroom, however. This will play a factor when you try and sell the house down the line.

Take These Attic Room Ideas Into Consideration

Regardless of whether you end up using any of these attic room ideas or not, hopefully they’ve gotten the juices flowing on what you want to create.

Turn that wasted space in your attic into a place you could benefit from for years to come.

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