According to research, one of the biggest complaints of new mothers (besides the lack of sleep) is not being able to have alone time anymore. Being a mother is the most magical feeling in the world, and also stressful at the same time.

Self-care seems to go out the window and sometimes your body image goes along with it. This is where the importance of yoga care comes in, as it allows you to have the time to care for your mind, body, and soul all at once.

The problem is, between loads of laundry and dozens of diaper changes, you only have a small fraction of time to take for yourself. Thankfully, doing something like yoga allows you to cover all the factors of well-being into one moment.

Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits of yoga care and practice for mothers. This is your time too. 

Gives Moms Some Much Needed “Me Time”

Being a mother, whether you are a new mother or not, you know that your time no longer belongs to you, it belongs to your family. This doesn’t always have to be the case, as there are some things you can do to ensure you have your yoga care time to yourself.

When the father is around, get him to take care of the kids while you sneak off with your yoga mat, or hire a babysitter for a short period of time. Even if your practice is short, this moment of solitude is enough to rejuvenate your spirit and carry forward in your day.

Alone time is essential for stress-reduction and survival, which means that practicing yoga is more productive than getting in that extra load of laundry. 

The Breathing Helps You to Stay Calm

Whether it is a screaming baby or a permanently-messy house, there are many moments of motherhood where mothers wonder why they got themselves into this situation.

These stressful moments cause you to tense up and get your heart racing, which also can manifest into physical stress within the body. Thankfully, the regular practice of yoga can help you to release this stress during Pranayama breathing exercises.

After a regular routine of breathing, you will be surprised at how calm you are while your child is throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. 

A Chance to Connect With Your Child

There are many “mother and baby” yoga classes available where you can bring your baby to join in on the fun! These classes are specifically designed to develop a deep bond with your baby during each yoga posture.

Imagine doing planks (Kumbhakasana) while you kiss your baby on the head, or Shavasana with your baby laying on your chest. These classes are fun and special for you to share with your child.

A Chance to Connect With Other Yogi Mothers

Whether it is during a mother-baby yoga class, a yoga retreat,  or your own practice, attending a yoga class enables you to connect with likeminded souls who align with the same philosophies as you do. 

These new friendships will develop into stronger bonds and support systems as you explore motherhood and the times that lay ahead.

Gives You A Healthier Lifestyle

Yoga is so much more than just moving and stretching, it is an ability to connect with your body, mind, and spirit all at once. This leads to an all-around healthier lifestyle and better choices.

After a while, you will notice that you are craving healthier foods, and giving those healthier meals to your children as well. This will work wonders on their development and focus as they grow.

Chance For Your Children to Exercise With You

If your children are too old for mother-baby yoga classes, there are many other mothers and tots, or mothers and teen classes to bond together during exercise.

This instills a great mindset in your children’s minds at a young age about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. If continued, their yoga practice will be their escape during the hard times of school and teenage life.

You will notice them making healthier choices for food, saying no to the things that do not serve them, creating boundaries in life, and possibly enjoying exercise over video games, here’s hoping!

Keeps You Stronger For Motherhood

Sure it may be easy to carry around your baby as an infant, but when your child grows up into an 8-year-old and wants to be picked up, it’s going to be much harder!

What about when you need to carry grocery bags and your child at the same time into the house? Or when you need to move the furniture around to keep your house safe for your climbing child?

Your yoga practice will help you to have strong, toned, muscles that will help you to accept the strength challenges of motherhood. Your arms, legs, back, and core will be more resilient and able to do anything.

Improve Your Sleep

Doing a yin yoga practice after putting baby down to sleep is perhaps one of the best practices you can do to get a good night’s sleep. Yin allows you to release your troubles of the day and focus on your breath and ultimate relaxation.

After Shavasana, you will be ready for a good night’s sleep. Well, until your baby wakes you up again.

Learn More About Doing Yoga Care For Mothers

Whether you are new at motherhood, or you are a new grandmother, yoga care can help you to tackle the mental, physical, emotional challenges that lay ahead.

Whether it is 15 or 50 minutes, it is important to take that time out for yourself and do your own self-care.

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