Over the past several decades, American homes have gotten progressively larger. Back in the 1950s, the average single-family home size was a mere 1,000 square feet. In 2018, it was 2,600 square feet — more than double! 

However, things are shifting back in the other direction as evidenced by the tiny house movement. People tend to have smaller families and are shifting to focus on ‘more fulfilled’ rather than ‘more’. 

If you have a small home, you probably have a tiny dining room — which means you need some ideas for small dining room decorations. Keep reading for some great inspiration!

1. The Right Furniture

The table and chairs are automatically the focal point of a dining room. Thus, this is the first piece of decor that you should consider. Everything else in the room will complement the style of the furniture that you choose.

A large, clunky dining set will make a small dining room seem even smaller. Instead, go for a slim design. Vintage styles are hot right now and there are many designs that are perfect for a small space. Check out these favorites on Eames right now!

2. Choose Bright Colors

Darker colors tend to make a room feel small and cozy. That can be nice for a reading nook or study, but your dining room is already small. Choose lighter colors instead.

Light colors reflect more light, making a space seem visually larger and more inviting. Add pops of accent color here and there, either in the furniture that you choose or vibrant artwork that you hang on the walls. 

The bright colors and bold statement pieces will make the space come to life and people won’t even notice how small it is.

3. Add a Mirror

Mirrors aren’t just a classy accessory, they are also a very useful one in a small space. Mirrors reflect light, brightening a space and making it seem larger. 

If you have a window in the dining room, consider hanging the mirror opposite to maximize the light reflection. If you have a nice view of the garden outside, this technique will also help your space feel more relaxing as it helps bring nature indoors. 

4. Use the Walls

If you have a small room, chances are that you have a small table and there isn’t much other space for setting stuff. You might be able to put a tall, slim potted plant in the corner and that’s about it.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have space to get creative. Use the walls!

Hang some artwork whose colors nicely accent the color of the furniture. Use a flat-sided wall planter to hang a colorful plant on the wall. 

Have fun with it!

But remember, less is more. Don’t crowd the walls with too much stuff or the space will start to feel cramped.

Get Creative with Small Dining Room Decorations

Turns out, it isn’t as difficult as you might have thought to find small dining room decorations. With the right furniture, a great color scheme, a mirror or two, and a few pieces of strategically placed art pieces, you won’t even miss the extra space.

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