Law school is a challenging experience that holds significant benefits for students who gain entry and can persevere through the many challenges they will face. Most prospective lawyers understand that successfully applying to a school of law is not as simple as applying to other institutions of higher educations. 

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However, if you keep a few tips in mind, you will not find it challenging to begin your education as a lawyer.

  • Undergraduate Classes

There is no single major that makes it more likely you will experience success in a school of law. It is suggested that the undergraduate coursework you complete be filled with a well-rounded selection of classes that you enjoy. Possible majors that may prove beneficial for prospective lawyers include:

  • English
  • Philosophy
  • Criminal Justice
  • Political Science
  • Business Administration
  • History
  • Economics
  • Outside Class Activities

There are a number of activities available to prospective law students that will better prepare them for their legal training. Prospective law school students should take a job in a field related to the legal profession, if possible. If no job of this type is available, you will receive similar benefits from volunteering at a local law firm or other establishment involved with the practice of law. 

Participation in the school debate team will provide a prospective lawyer with the vehicle to practice crafting arguments and help to improve communication skills. Other activities that may prove beneficial to your future career in law include membership in the school government or pre-law society.

  • Take the LSAT

The Law School Admissions Test is administered six times each year and will take you half a day to complete. A favorable grade on the LSAT is required for admissions to a school of law, and the test measures skills like reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and others that are good predictors of success for students of law. 

The test is broken down into four sections and a writing sample. The writing sample is not graded but is used to compare against the candidate’s personal statement and help decide between two qualified candidates when they are equal in other ways. 

Exam prep for the LSAT is available, and it is suggested that prospective law students consider joining a study group or signing up for study courses. Another great exam prep for the LSAT is practice exams. When preparing for the LSAT, you should do as many timed practice tests that are necessary to provide you with the confidence you need to do your best on the exam. 

  • Know the Application Process

There are several things you should understand about the application process to ensure things go smoothly and without delay. One of the first things you should understand is the concept of rolling admissions. This means a school will evaluate applications continuously until a predetermined deadline is met. This often provides applicants with extra time if timed correctly. 

You should also make sure you submit your application and pay the applicable fees well in advance to avoid any potential delays. You should secure documents like personal statements, letters of recommendation, and resumes that will be included with your application weeks before you plan on turning in the application. 

The Bottom Line

Completing the requirements for a Juris Doctor degree will take commitment and hard work. But first, there is the issue of being accepted by an accredited school of law. The four tips above are things every prospective law student should know.