Life as a single mom is no one’s idea of a vacation. Most single moms are struggling to be able to juggle all of their responsibilities on top of their finances. Without another parent in the house, it’s up to you to be able to support your kids.

Recent statistics show that as many as 41% of single moms are below the poverty line. A big reason for this is because of a lack of child support from the other parent. Although the court may issue a judgment for the other parent to pay, that doesn’t always mean they will.

Despite all of the challenges, however, there are still a considerable amount of single mothers out there that not only accomplish bringing up their children successfully, but they even thrive. Here are some of the key tips to triumph over single motherhood.

Organize Your Finances

First things first, it’s essential to get organized with what’s coming in and what’s going out of your bank account. You should include every single expense that you need to cover each month, from daycare to diaper cream. Keep an eye on transactions that you could do without, and make improvements where you can.

Create a budget that balances your income with what you need to pay for. If it turns out that you can’t cover it all with your current income, then it’s time to make changes where necessary. If you do your research, you’ll find that there are state programs available to help families in need.

Be Cordial With Your Ex If Possible

Even though you may have legitimate reasons to despise your ex, it’s important to stay on good terms with them if possible. Letting the conflict go on and on won’t just have a negative impact on your children, but also you! There’s no way you can hope to move on from a toxic relationship if you’re still dwelling on it.

It’s more likely that your ex will come around eventually as a parent if you are cordial with them. Being angry or difficult will only encourage their absence. 

Be Firm

Children are intelligent little creatures. It’s not uncommon for them to take advantage of exhausted parents and push their limits.  However, despite how worn out you are, you should always enforce discipline.

Be firm and demand respect from them. Even though they may kick and scream now, they will thank you for it later.

Try To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

As a single parent trying to make ends meet, you’re probably working a lot.  However, despite your busy schedule, It’s important to take the time to spend special moments with your children. Remind them that they are loved and valued!