If you are a mum who balances her time between the office and the home, you are well on your way to the title of ‘superwoman’, and you are always looking for ways to reduce the time you spend doing things. Getting made up in the morning is one necessary task that can prove to be stressful, and with that in mind, here are a few accessories to help you with the daily routine of getting ready to go out.

  • Vanity Make-Up Table – A handy folding unit that has all the right compartments to enable you to have easy access to everything. The height is perfect as you can see everything while seated, and when not in use, it can be folded and stored under the bed or behind a wardrobe. There is a range of sizes and they even have portable make-up tables, for the woman on the move.
  • Make Up Mirror – It is essential to have a large enough mirror, and a lighted makeup mirror is the perfect solution. Aside from making you feel like a Hollywood actress, the mirror will allow to work quickly, plus you have the perfect task lighting. You can buy make-up mirrors that can stand on any surface, but in your bedroom, you need a large unit with lights around the edges, which can stand on your vanity unit, and cordless solutions make for less clutter.
  • Make-Up Organiser – The ultimate tool for the professional make-up artist, with seven special drawers and with clear acrylic, you can see what you need without opening the wrong drawer. If your partner is thinking what to get you this Christmas, drop him a hint about a make-up organiser and that should do the trick. If you’re not into surprises, go online together and source a make-up accessory supplier and you can order the ideal unit.
  • LED Ring Lights – Simply put, there’s no better task lighting than a circular LED unit, which gives bright light exactly where you need it, and with a magnifying mirror, you can see what you are doing. These low-input/high-output light fittings use minimal energy and are eco-friendly, and they come in a range of sizes and colour hues.
  • Portable Make-Up Cases – Ideal for career events and social occasions when you need a quick make-up fix. Stylish yet very functional, the Luvo Store has lots of cases designed to carry all your essential weapons in your quest to look your best, and a good quality one will last you many years.

If you would like to view some stunning make-up accessories, an online search will take you to a leading Australian online retailer who sells to the trade. You can save 10-15% on retail costs by ordering from an online supplier, and with all the right equipment, make-up time will never be the same again! 

You should stick to well-known brands when buying make-up accessories, and they are tried and trusted, ensuring many years of trouble-free use. The online supplier will deliver to your door, and in most cases, delivery is free.