Just because you’re a homeowner doesn’t mean you’re going to know everything there is to know about maintaining a house. Take roof work, for instance.

For most average people, the question of “how often does a roof need to be replaced?” is hard to parse. We don’t know whether we need a new roof because we’ve found a leak, or if we just need some repair work. After all, leaks could be due to any number of different issues, both minor and severe. 

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Join us, today, as we take a closer look at this issue, and learn how to tell when your roof needs a new roof.

How Often Does A Roof Need To Be Replaced?

Every roof is different, and knowing how often to replace a roof can be tricky. But there are some concrete numbers that apply to the different types of roofs:

Slate, Copper and Tile Roof

These are easily among the strongest materials you can use to build a roof. As a result, they can last for more than 50 years if taken care of and in a region without too many natural disasters.

Wood Shake Roof

Homeowners with roofs of this build can expect them to last a healthy 30 years, or thereabouts. Climate and adverse weather may bring this number down.

Fiber Cement Shingle Roof

Roofs of this design can last up to 25 years with proper roof maintenance. Hail and strong winds can easily wear this kind of build away over time, so make sure to check your roof for any significant damage.

Asphalt Shingle or Composition Roof

With these materials, expect to replace your roof at around 20 years into its total lifespan. Weather conditions like snow or hurricanes will influence how often to replace roofs made out of these materials, as well.

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

So, when does a roof need to be replaced? Knowing when to replace roofs or roof parts can change depending on your circumstances. Depending on where you live or your most recent major weather event, things may transpire quicker or more slowly than you’d expect.

So, let’s take a look at some surefire signs your roof needs replacing:

Roof Age

If your roof is just the age we’ve outlined above, there’s a good chance it’s already in need of replacement. A conscientious roof owner would consider going up to check it out at this point, just to make sure.

Curled or Buckled Shingling

When your shingles begin to curl up or buckle in obvious ways around the edges, it’s a sign they’re wearing out. This is a precursor to a broken or compromised roof.


The valleys of your roof are the area where water, snow, and other slush flows through on its way to your gutters. When the shingles here fall apart or go missing, you become more susceptible to leaks that could damage your home.

Gutters Full of Shingle Granules

Over the lifespan of your roof, you’ll see granules flush down into your gutters. This is normal but, if you start to find significantly more, this is a sign the roof has come to the end of its lifespan.  You should also be making sure that you are maintaining your gutters properly. If you struggle to maintain them yourself, it would be worth looking for a local gutter cleaning company to help you. It’s always worth finding out the Gutter Cleaning Cost first so you know whether you can afford it before booking someone in!

How Long Should A Roof Last?

The question, “How often does a roof need to be replaced?” can seem daunting when you’re not in the know. If you know what to look out for, though, you can spot a new replacement a mile away. Hopefully, with today’s information on-hand, you’ll have everything you need when the time comes to replace yours.

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