Approximately 14% of furniture purchases are made online. In today’s modern age, ease is often our number one goal, so who wouldn’t want to pick out their couch while sitting on the old one.

Sure buying furniture online is easy, but how do you make sure that you are happy with your purchase over the long term?

Check out our online furniture buying guide, it will make your next online furniture purchases easier.

Online Furniture Buying Guide

When you shop online for furniture, you can be overwhelmed by the options. The first step in choosing the right online store like Shop Abunda is to read their reviews. This is especially important if the store is a boutique, not national, store.

If you are concerned about the online store you found, check with the Better Business Bureau or see if you can find the same item at a store that has both an online and brick and mortar presence. This helps ensure you won’t be taken to the cleaners when choosing your new armchair.

Choosing Your Ideal Piece of Furniture

One of the best things about online shopping is your choice. You can find unique and one of a kind items and have them shipped to your home. For example, if you are created a modern art deco look, these Saarinen Tulip Chairs can be a great addition to your look.

When choosing the right online furniture you have to focus on the details; look at all the photos provided. You will also want to read the description carefully to know if it comes put together or not, or if there are other nuances not visible in the pictures. Finally, grab your tape measure and look at the furniture dimensions.

The worse experience is to find the perfect piece only to have it delivered and finding out it doesn’t fit in your space. 

Some online retailers offer an online room planner, check them out as they can make determining if this is the right piece of furniture for you, easier. 

Shipping, You Have Options

As you narrow your search, don’t forget to factor in shipping. Some sites charge an oversized shipping fee. It may still make your purchases cheaper online, but it is best to know the costs upfront.

Some online retailers offer more than just delivery to your front door, and this may be something you want to consider depending on the size of your furniture purchase. For an additional fee, your couch can be delivered to your living room and in some cases, they will even cart away the old one and all the packaging materials.

If cost is an issue, the cheapest way is to have your purchase delivered to the local brick and mortar version of the store where you can pick it up for free. 

Online furniture buying doesn’t have to be hard if you take your time and do the research. So grab your laptop and happy shopping.

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