Indian gooseberries, also known as amla, are an excellent addition to any diet. They promote health and help you fight off many diseases.

What Are Gooseberries? 

The gooseberry originated in Africa and Asia, but the British cultivated newer varieties beginning around the 16the century. These berries are native to Europe, the Caucasus, and northern Africa.

Amla berries produce a rich, sweet taste. They are popular in jellies, jams and desserts. A little love and care, including pruning, produce bumper crops of the berries which can thrive in extreme conditions from humid and hot summers to cold winters. This hardy fruit grows small, firm, translucent marble-sized berries. The thorny bushes blossom with light green to yellow berries, although some varieties bloom red or white.

Long before the chefs used it in dishes, traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine recognized the benefits of gooseberry, producing an extract or powder from the substance. The berry contains a broad spectrum of compounds that promote health and help fight several health conditions and diseases.

What Are the Health Benefits of Gooseberries? 

The benefits of gooseberry are many, including a significant amount of Vitamin C. In powder form, this berry produces the purest form of Vitamin C and contains more Vitamin C than three oranges.

The berries vitamin content can contribute to your health in numerous ways, including:

  • Improved immunity and ability to fight infections off more easily
  • Boost heart, brain and liver health, 
  • Reduce age spots, wrinkles and even strengthen hair
  • Improves digestion
  • Heart health benefits, the berry boosts your HDL and lowers LDL cholesterol levels. It also helps reduce the risk of heart disease by regulating the build-up of bad cholesterol.
  • Lowers inflammation and fight free radicals in your body. The antioxidants in these berries can protect your cells from free radicals, which can cause high inflammation and increase your risk for chronic diseases.
  • Helps reduce cell damage and the risk of cancer and inflammation. The list of potential benefits of consuming the berries used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine includes reducing levels of acid in the stomach and boost immunity levels.
  • Protect your kidneys by lowering your blood pressure, which benefits both heart and kidney health. Provides better filtration in your kidneys, and the high levels of Vitamin C may also lower your risk of developing kidney stones.
  • Reduces your risk of developing diabetes. The nutrients in these berries lower blood sugar levels. Also, some nutrients in amla can naturally stimulate your body’s production of insulin, which leads to lower blood sugar levels and reduces your risk of diabetes.
  • Contains chromium, which makes your body more responsive to insulin and regulates blood glucose levels. It also includes antioxidants that may increase the activity of your natural killer cells that protect you from getting sick.
  • Contains Vitamin E, which protects your and also increases your skin’s production of collagen.

How Can You Incorporate Gooseberries into Your Diet? 

You can incorporate these delicious fruits into your diet easily. Eat them right off the bush like grapes from a vine. They make a sweet, delicious snack. This high fiber fruit has only 60 calories per cup.

Some other ways you can incorporate gooseberries into your diet:

  • You can sprinkle it on fresh fruit or make a tea from it. Do not forget to put it in your fruitcake this December.
  • You can juice them, as well. Some use them as a homemade cough remedy. You can also mix a couple of teaspoons with water to gargle twice per day to treat mouth ulcers.
  • Pickle the berries in a jam. You can start your day with this superfood on your toast, bagels, or muffins.
  • The berry is most effective in powder form. It can taste a little bitter, so you can mix it with other juices.
  • You can also use the powder made from the berries as an additive to shampoo or face wash. As a part of one’s hair care, it can help reduce dandruff and add body to lifeless hair. Vitamin C and E can help your skin glow and help hydrate it. 

Final Note

Incorporating these berries into your daily diet is a great way to improve your overall health both inside and out. This mighty berry holds many known health properties.