If you have never rented a storage unit before, you may want some tips on getting one. Click here to learn how to rent a storage unit.

Over the last few years, there’s been a massive increase in the number of self-storage units purchased or rented out in the United States. In fact, self-storage units currently take up more than 68 million square feet of space country-wide.

There are lots of reasons why people choose to rent out or purchase storage units. Whether they’re conducting a big decluttering project or have valuables they don’t want to store in their home, people rent these units because they come with a lot of benefits.

Are you interested in renting one and seeing its benefits firsthand? If so, read on to learn everything you need to know about how to rent a storage unit.

Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

If you’ve been on the fence about renting a storage unit, it might be because you’re unaware of all the benefits they have to offer. Here are some of the most popular reasons why people choose to rent a storage unit.

Prepare for a Renovation

If you’re renovating a portion of your home and don’t have room in your garage or shed for all your furniture and belongings, a storage unit is a great option to consider. It’ll keep everything safe and dust-free until the project’s over.

Get Ready for a Move

When you’re getting ready to move to a new house, you often have to do some decluttering along the way. This is especially true if you’re staging your house to make it more appealing to buyers. If this is the case for you, a storage unit can come in very handy.

Store Equipment or Vehicles

For people who have large pieces of equipment or vehicles that they only use for a few months out of the year, a storage unit can provide them with a safe place to keep these items. You have peace of mind knowing they’re protected, but they also don’t have to take up precious space at your house.

Store Business Inventory

Business owners often can benefit from renting storage units, too. You can use them to keep inventory or other items safe when you’re in a transition phase or don’t have the funds for a warehouse.

Tips for Renting the Best Storage Unit

Are you intrigued by any of these reasons to rent a storage unit? Do they resonate with you at all?

If they do, you’re probably wondering how you can find the best storage unit for your needs? Keep these tips in mind to choose a unit that works best for you and your family.

Know Which Type You Need

Do you need a storage unit that’s temperature-controlled? One that comes with extra security? What size do you need to fit all your belongings?

Answer these questions now so you can start to narrow down your options.

Do Your Research

Spend some time researching your storage unit options before making a decision. Learn about their hours of operation and the kind of security protocols they have in place. Don’t forget to check out their reviews on third-party sites as well.

Ask the Right Questions

If you’re having a hard time choosing between different storage units, it helps to talk to someone in a management position.

Ask them if you can see the unit you’ll be renting beforehand and find out how much you’ll be paying them each month. Don’t forget to ask about the consequences of a late or missed payment, either.

Visit In-Person

It helps to look around the unit in-person if possible. This gives you an opportunity to see firsthand if it’s a good fit for your specific needs.

Compare Before Signing

Try to look at a few different storage units before you make a final decision. Don’t be hasty, especially if you’re going to be storing very valuable or expensive items there.

How to Save Money on a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit will cost you a monthly fee, and that fee can be daunting to some people. This is especially true if you’re on a strict budget.

The good news, though, is that there are ways to save money on a storage unit. Listed below are some tried and true tips that will surely work for you.

Store Only What You Need

It may be tempting to stuff everything you own in the storage unit and call it a day. Be selective about what you store there, though. This’ll help you maximize your space and avoid carrying a bunch of unwanted items with you into a new chapter of your life.

Ask for Discounts

It never hurts to ask for a discount. Many storage unit rental facilities have promotions running throughout the year to entice new renters. Don’t forget to ask about discounts for veterans, seniors, and other populations as well.

Pack with Precision

Make sure you pack your items in the storage unit in the most strategic way possible. Place large items toward the back of the unit and stack your boxes with care. This will help you fit more of your belongings into the unit without having to worry about sizing up.

Share Your Storage Unit

If you’re looking to cut down on the monthly rental fee, consider going in with a friend or family member who also needs a storage unit. You might not be able to store as much, but it will help you save money and could motivate you to do some decluttering.

Rent Your Storage Unit Today

Now you know more about the benefits of renting a storage unit, as well as how to choose the right one and save money in the process. Are you ready to go ahead and rent a storage unit?

If you follow the guidelines laid out in this article, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding and renting a storage unit that fits all your specific needs. 

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