Every year, there are more than 10 million vehicles that are scrapped all across the country. Often times, people are able to collect a nice chunk of change in exchange for allowing a junk car buyer to purchase their scrap car from them.

Are you interested in trying to scrap a car that you don’t want anymore? It’s a lot easier to do than you might even realize, especially with established companies such as cash for cars melbourne ready to take your car away at a moment’s notice.

By scrapping your car, you’ll get your hands on cash in a hurry. You’ll also rest easier at night knowing that your car is going to a better place and making it easier for car manufacturers to make new cars in the process.

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Check out our guide on how to scrap a car to see just how simple it is to do it.

Make the Decision to Scrap a Car

First things first — before you start trying to figure out how to scrap a car, it’s important for you to make sure that you’re ready to do it.

People decide to scrap their old cars for all kinds of different reasons. Some do it because their cars don’t run anymore, while others do it because their cars are taking up way too much space in their driveways.

Whatever your reason, it’s essential for you to be committed to selling your car before you do it. Once you sell your car, it’s likely going to have the reusable parts pulled from it before the rest of it is recycled.

This means that you’re not going to be able to change your mind about selling your old car later. Spend some time thinking about if you’re making the right decision.

Find Local Junk Car Buyers Willing to Buy It From You

If you decide that you are, in fact, going to scrap a car, the next thing you’ll want to do is find a place that buy junk cars in your city or town. It shouldn’t be too tough to find a handful for them in just a few minutes.

Google the words “junk car for cash near me” and look at all of the different buyers that pop up. The car recycling industry has turned into a big business in recent years, and there are lots of companies trying to cash in on it.

Use this to your advantage by searching through your different options to see what they each have to offer. Ideally, you should try to work with a junk car buyer that has plenty of experience and positive reviews from most of their customers.

Get Offers From as Many Junk Car Buyers as You Can

At this point, you should have a list of about a dozen junk car buyers sitting in front of you. Your next step will be to reach out to each of them and ask them to make you an offer for your car.

Years ago, this was a time-consuming process. But in this day and age, you can collect offers from a dozen junk car buyers in less than an hour if you want.

Visit the website for each junk car buyer and fill out the offer form on their site. To do this, you’ll need to provide information like:

  • The make and model of your old car
  • The year that it was manufactured
  • The condition that it’s in

It should take five minutes or so to fill out each form, and you’ll receive an almost instantaneous offer from each junk car buyer once you hit “Submit.”

Choose the Offer That You Like Best From the Bunch

After you’ve asked a bunch of junk car buyers to make you an offer for your car, you should be left with a lot of offers to consider. Now comes the fun part.

Sit down with your offers and see how much you could make by selling your car. You’ll probably see a variety of offers that are all over the map.

One buyer might offer $200 for your car, while another one offers $750. Your goal should be to locate the best offer for your car and accept it.

Prepare to Sell Your Scrap Car to a Junk Car Buyer

Once you’ve accepted an offer for your car, the last thing you’ll need to do is get your car ready to go. You want it to be all ready by the time your junk car buyer shows up within a day or two.

To prepare your junk car, you should:

  • Take any personal possessions out of it
  • Remove the license plates from it
  • Position it in a place where it’ll be easy for a buyer to get to

You can also go ahead and cancel the auto insurance policy that you had for it. You won’t have to worry about keeping the car insured any longer.

Collect Cash for Your Old Car

At the end of this process, your junk car buyer will show up at your home and tow your car away for you. They’ll also pay you for it once you hand the title for your car over to them.

This whole process should play out pretty quickly and help you pocket some much-needed money in no time. You can collect hundreds of dollars and free up space in your driveway by waving goodbye to your old car once and for all. 

Start the Process of Trying to Scrap a Car Now

Have you been thinking about trying to scrap a car for a while now? It’s never been more convenient to do it.

As long as you follow the steps we just outlined, you can get a bunch of great offers for your car on the same day you decide to sell it. You can then choose the highest offer that you receive and arrange for your car to get picked up by a junk car buyer.

Want to find out some other ways to put more money into your pockets? Check out our blog to see how easy it can be to do it.